October 27th, 2003


First "review" in!

I've just got an email from Paul Cashman, who delivered the first official "review" of Breeding Discontent, at least based on a full reading:

I finished Breeding Discontent a few minutes ago. Bravo! Great job!

Yay! Angelo has posted an "initial appraisal" to the Storm Noticeboard. I (and madame_mercredi) am really am eager to hear some more about people's thoughts.
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The Lost Studio Sessions

A long time ago (I think around 1998) I had this CD of sound effects and short music snippets. One day when Caleb was out, I got to playing with it and with Windows Sound Editor as my only tool, I made some short "songs." I was rather proud of them and it seems I have actually kept the files, since I just found them on my hard drive. And lookie -- now that people have better bandwidth (and the files are pretty small anyway), I can share it! (All are less than 1 minute and in WAV format)

This is my favorite. What is the point of this? Errrr, darn if I know!

I admit, this is very 80s...

This is in fact, me trying to be Enigma or some other ambient New Age group.
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I've got this dreadful headache, the kind I often get from not eating (though I had breakfast). I've tried cheese, bread, orange juice and mints but apparently that is not the cause. Maybe time for aspirin, even though I feel sure it's a "food headache." Anybody else get that? A lot of times it's sugar or salt. Hmmm, maybe I'll have buillion instead of aspirin. My mom used to always say "Salt cures everything!" (Erm, which could be some weird German thing, I just don't know, but it does work.)
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Ever had a huge, huge headache and then drink a smoothie and then get a mega-painful head rush?

Doh! Why am I so careless!?

If I had not burned my tongue drinking my bouillion to try to make the headache go away, I would have had a piece of pizza. A smoothie sounded... soothing.
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Mater on Tour

I was just one the Chapter 11 Books web site and lo and beyond, Mater Glorioso is having a booksigning for Blood Canticle (better title might Bloody Craptickle, I'm guessing) here in Atlanta, four days after mine. I bet I know which signing will be more fun. No drinking allowed at Chapter 11, you know!
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