October 28th, 2003


Who watched...?

I am curious (and really really really bored) who among my LJ friends may have watched these particular 80s kids shows:

Great Space Coaster
Kid Video
Mr. T (cartoon!)
Kids Are People Too

Also, am I the only one who would like to see The Electric Company on DVD? I watched that a lot in my pre-K years and recall it was really realy warped. My favorite bit was the man who talked to his plant Maurice.

P.S. Today I felt sympathy for managers. I only have ONE person to manage and it's driving me batty!
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You Say Black, I Say White

Caleb hates the time change (read rant here). He keeps waking up at the wrong time and further, waking up many times during the night worried about waking up at the wrong time. His mornings are all messed up. He does, however, like getting out of work and having it be dark.

I personally enjoy the time shift because I keep feeling I've been gifted with more time (it's earlier than I think) and I wake up and it's LIGHT out. But the fact that it's 5 p.m. and NIGHT out... Ugh. I will say, I know in Boston sundown is probably around 4 this time of year, so could be worse.

Two days to go until my allergy tests. Sans the temporarily verboten medication, I am holding out OK (no huge allergy fit since last week), my main symptoms being that my ears still hurt and I've had lousy headaches :(
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Bread & Neurosis

Got a nice email today from my neighbor John, who owns a bakery in the Old Fourth Ward. He and his wife are coming to my book launch party and guess what, he wants to know what kind of bread I want him to bring? I said the foccacia, that's my favorite thing he makes. I do hope he brings his cinnamon rolls too. Yummmmmm!

Now if only my book order would come and I could relax about it. There are still FOUR days for it to arrive but it'd be nice if I wasn't biting my nails SATURDAY about it!
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I don't know why, but when I run a Google search on "Breeding Discontent," one of the things that come up (way down the the list), is this great essay an Anne Coulter. Ignoring the pop-up ads, I think some of you out there would enjoy it.

How to Close an Ann Coulter Book in 31 Pages or Less

Though Ms Coulter lines herself up against the Democrats in particular, she uses the world "liberal" as a blanket term that she likes to imply means one or all. That reminded me immediately of the innate fallacy I studied in Philosophy 101, of the idea of using a singular universal notion. For example, if I said that, "all cars are yellow," then I am directly implying that I have intimate knowledge of every single car in existence...

Good arguments. And now I won't pick up one of those books either.
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Exhilerating Melancholia

When I listen to music, often I really will listen to one album or one artist for like three days straight. For about three days I've been listening to the Cruxshadows. Last night I had one album playing on the computer, another in the living room and was on my bed as both of them were doing Battle of the Bands. The Echoes and Artifacts album is great stuff, great collection that's really altogether too catchy really. Besides all the straight-on angsty and pissed off type songs, I really like "Leave Me Alone" with all the soundbites related to the dangerous "Gothic Movement" and Columbine -- with the "chorus" being "Leave Me Alone!" which is funny but sad.
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