October 30th, 2003

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Young Republicans Grow Up

Well, isn't this special?

Senate Republicans hold hearing on 'liberal' universities
Witnesses call for 'sense of balance'

WASHINGTON -- A week after U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, a Savannah Republican, introduced a bill asserting that college campuses are too liberal, Senate Republicans on Wednesday held a hearing on the issue.

At the hearing presided over by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, witnesses testified that America's colleges and universities intimidate students and faculty into liberal ways of thinking.

Hmmmm, now I wonder if colleges and universites also make students gay?

No, seriously, something to ponder. I won't even say this is *complete* crap (though much of it is, esp. the part about wanting freedom to be bigoted) because I attended a school that was at times so left wing it was right wing. I definitely I think there are students who are made to feel out of place in such an environment... And I think diversity training and other PC stuff totally does get out of hand... But excuse me what the HELL do these fools in Congress expect to do about that? And WHY? I guess not to curry favor with college students!
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i am dying to get to the doctor, i want to be back on allergy meds so bad, i feel really bad. i guess i didn't realize how much they were at least *kind* of working!now i've had a headache for a whole week... kind of pressure headache. my ears have been messed up too, just this ache that's always there. my lungs are all irritated from something or other. stupid immune system gone wacko!
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My Visit to the Allergist

Well, I got it over with FINALLY, going to an allergist after years of saying I would and I think I might have learned some valuable stuff that hopefully will help me in future.

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Birds learned new tunes!

So I came home after the appt., instead of going home and from what I can tell, my birds (or least one of them) have learned some new tunes. They've been quiet lately, so I'm suprised. They are really chortling like mad right now, making very (to me) un-budgie-like noises, like whistles and musical waterfall sounds and something like giggles. Sometimes when they pick up new things I think it must be from birds they hear through the windows, who have sweeter songs. Also, I let them listen to classical music all day and maybe they learn something there, who knows! It makes me happy when they sound like this. (Is it worth the dust though? I don't know!)
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