October 31st, 2003

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Education does not equal common sense

I think I'm pretty smart, but occasionally I do things that make me think that perhaps Homer Simpson could beat me at Jeopardy, under the right circumstances!

Just now I was taking all my new meds and for the last one, Prednisone, it says "Take with food." So going along with that, I go to have breakfast, which this week has been Cheerios with Silk (soy milk) and sugar. So there I am with the bowl of cereal and this pill. I've got in my mind that I can use the milk to swallow down the pill. So in a truly swift move, I plop the pill onto a spoonful I'm eating and... yes, you guessed it, forgetting the "swallow with liquid" principal, I chomped right down on it along with the Cheerios. As soon as I did it, I struggled to swallow the whole lot in one gulp without chewing (I'm quite capable), but alas, I had already tasted it and I needed to chew a bit more to get it down. Talk about yucky tastes, that was dreadful, like I'm had a sip of Windex or something. I immediately spooned in more and more so I could rid my mouth of it, but it took the whole bowlful.

Next time: I will drink a cup of water with it *while* eating breakfast. I will not attempt to mix the two.

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