November 1st, 2003


Happy Halloween - Aaargh, Matey!

Well, my Halloween was very satisfactory! (Don't miss the costume pics at the end of this post!)

Morning was mainly occupied with final prep cleaning for my parents visit, running some errands, then going to the Italian market with Caleb for final BD book launch party food shopping. Got some yummy cheese there!

After the market, I rushed down to the airport to meet the parents, who were supposed to be in at 2:30. I got there at 2:10, which was a bit early considering they'd have to reach the main terminal... but REALLY early since their flight was delayed and didn't arrive until around 4. I spent the time up reading a new novel submitted to Immanion Press, having lunch and doing a ton of people-watching.

Finally my parents arrrived. Between 4 and 8 I was guiding and entertaining them. My main observation is that taking care of TWO people (well, those particular two) feels like I'm leading a freakin' *army*! The main thing is that my dad really can't do very much (walks slow, can't keep going long) and has a very restricted diet, plus he has to constantly watch his sugar, salt intake, etc. He had a super sugar need just as we got to my subway stop, so we had to go right into Dunkin' Donuts before getting to my house. From there things were pretty good. The "guest suite" in my building is super posh and they liked that. They also liked my place, I think, especially the digital piano. I served tea and then dad dozed off while Mom and I made a nice dinner of chicken cutlets, asparagus and salad. I laid out all the china, 1930s cutlery, candles, napkins... Swank!

After that (around 7) Mom and Dad were wanting to go back to the suite to lay down, sleep, read, etc. Finally it was time to be a pirate! I didn't have that much time to get dressed, but I'd already thought of what to wear, so I managed to get it all ready in about 45 minutes.


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Now, the costume was great fun, but so was the actual Halloween evening. The neighborhood association had a fun Downtown Scavenger Hunt & Costume Party. About 25 of us met up to start, with some pretty good costumes, then broke out into groups with clue lists, done as riddles. To collect clues, scavenger hunt items and trivia answers, we had to guess which place to visit, so we ended up patronizing around half a dozen places... and drinking at them. (Part of the idea actually!) We went to Baan Rao, Luxe (which turned out not to be participating in event... but they were nice to us!), the Tabernacle, Ted's, Lunatique, the Westin, Chin Chin and McCormick & Schmicks. (And I had a Cosmopolitan, a cranberry harrd lemonade and a very tall shot of Barenjager... hiccup!) We finished off the night by gathering at Sidebar, where we had a costume contest (I didn't win, sniff!) and then found out the results of the hunt -- and OUR GROUP WON -- nya nya nya boo! For our prize we got a gift certificate to the nice restaurant in my building, but since it was only a meal for one and I live there, I got to keep it! So overall fun!


Now let's just see how I make it through tomrorow book party. (Especially if my books don't make it in the mail tomorrow, which I'm betting they won't, even though I pray to the contrary!)

Hope everybody else had some fun too!
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Oh crap!

Yes, this is a real news story and it happened on Halloween. Now people, remember: If you happen to drop your mobile down the toilet on the train, do NOT go mucking around to fetch it out! Damn, that just has got to suck!
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Mater Speaks

Well, Mater was in town or is about to be in town, and the local paper did a write up on how "Lestat is dead" and interviewed her on it. Anyway, FYI, for those of you who care, it's here (wait for server, the AJC's content develiery system is frickin' slow!).
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Late - Halloween Friday 5

I just liked these q's, so even if the day has passed...

1. What was your first Halloween costume?
Earliest one I can remember is scarcrow, wearing all ratty too-big clothes, my mom's floppy felt hat and having pine needles stuffed/rubberbanded onto my shirt and pant cuffs :) I was so cute!

2. What was your best costume and why?
I think I've had some good ones, but a personal favorite was the time I was... Hmmm... I'm not sure what I was, but I painted myself blue and wore nothing but a white towel "sarong" and a bra. My hair was dyed bright copper red at the time and I took lipstick and made slash makes all over myself. I was positively scary but had to clue what I was. Maybe one of those mutants from X Men but I didn't know about that.

3. Did you ever play a trick on someone who didn't give you a treat?
Nah, I hate tricks and would always be the kid going "Don't do that! I'm not going to look! I'm going to tell!" (I hate prank calls as well.)

4. Do you have any Halloween traditions?
Not any that are consistent. I didn't even do a pumpkin this year, although that's because the only time I saw one for sale, I was shopping with my bike and didn't really think I could carry even a small one properly.

5. Share your favorite scary story...real or legend!
When I was a kid, I had a great book of Halloween stories. They were all set in modern-day starring kids and were super scary because of that -- you could really identify with them. Anyway, among my favorite was a story about a group of kids going out on a foggy Halloween. This one girl dresses like a ballerina but because it's cold, her mom makes her wear a red cape which ruins the outfit. I remember something about this girl being restless and upset and sort of twirling in the fog and disappearing... forever.
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Well, this looks like it's just starting, so only one other person is showing up...
What a cool idea!

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)
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Trying To Stay Positive, But...

I think that in general I do a pretty good job of staying positive and seeing the best of stuff -- at least in my life. (Politics, state of the world, that's another story.) However, at the moment I'm feeling frustrated on several fronts.

Tonight is my book launch party and alas, the mass order I placed has not arrived!!!!! Technically the concierge claims the mailman hasn't been here yet, but it's 4 p.m., I'd say the chances he is that late and has my package are nil. I don't blame anyone but the postal service since I feel I order with PLENTY of advance time, but it's really frustrating. I mean, yes, I have my one copy and the press releases and people can order it but... THERE SHOULD BE *COPIES* OF IT!!!!!

That's something I can't control, so I'm trying to be good and not let myself get in a total lather over it. When people come I'll just skip over that and then at some point make an apology announcement. Meanwhile I can distract them without about 10 kinds of cookies, an Italian fruitcake, a huge loaf of ciabatta, fresh bread from my neighbor John's bakery, olive pate, candy, liquer, German wine, beer... And my entire Storm book collection. I've also got Immanion Press stuff out, copies of Writers of the Storm. I'll also have good music, a beautiful home and on the TV, the DVD of Labyrinth with the sound off. Hopefully this will distract.

Well, that was me trying to stay positive. Back to the negative, my parents are visiting me and it's giving me such stress. I'm sort of sad about how things are actually, because it's very obvious my dad is really not up to doing a lot. He gets tired really easily from doing simple stuff. They're both sleeping and/or watching videos in the guest suite right now. Anyway, going around and talking to them makes me depressed because I feel like in comparison to them, I have this huge amount of energy and vitality... Kind of feel guilty. Being around them makes me tired, having to go to so and not being able to just choose places to go.

(Positive note: Tomorrow we're going to go up to Helen!)

One more negative thing that totally bummed me out and shocked me is that now that I kow what my real weight is (my home scale was broken, apparently), I realize that BOTH my parents weigh less than I do. My dad weighs about 185, which is what I thought I weighed, and my mom must be 195. It's horrible to realize this because I've always thought of my parents, especially my mother, as being "fat" and now I realize that if I weren't just a few inches taller than Mom, I'd be quite fat... But that's a lie because I AM FAT now. Not that I think I am super unhealthily fat or need to drop down to supermodel weight, but jeeeeeez. Hardly any of my pants fit, lots of stuff is too small... Gained something like 20 pounds since (and I can point to this exactly, I think!) last May when I visited Storm. That got me into really bad self-indulgent eating habbits and also I gave up on diet while I was doing writing work on the book. And now we see the consequence! Losing this weight is going to be a MAJOR undertaking!

Oh, well. I needed to get that out of my system. Maybe I should find some chocolate or something, perk myself up. Most of my house is set up for the party already. Supposedly the concierge is going to call when the mail comes, but... It must have come! Either that or they just skipped our building today. (Probably my box is in the shipping facility right now. Grrrrrr.)
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