November 2nd, 2003


Big, Late Night Happy Sigh of Relief

No, the books never did arrive, but I had a very successful launch party! Whoo hoo! I need to roll into bed at this point (just spend around 2 hours cleaning up the post-party wreckage) but before I do that...

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More pics will be posted here and elsewhere (hopefully Inception) as people (John Snider, my parents and others) send them back to me.

And speaking of thank yous, thanks to all these folks (only like one of which reads my LJ) for stopping by and making the evening such a great success: Mom, Dad, Caleb, Daniel, John Mount, Dorthey, Pam, Beth, Will Lawless, (Will's friend), Carol, Greg, Anne Bourne, Amy, Chris, baby Izzy, Charles Hooper, (Charles' friend), John Snider, (John's GF), Laci, (Laci's friend 1), (Laci's friend 2), (Laci's friend 3), Bruce, Nick, Stephan, Dima, Alan, Marty White, (Marty's friend).

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Dedicated Collecting!

Last night when I posted it was already late and thus I forgot one other picture I took last night -- my Storm collection! I set it up on the sideboard so people could see how many books there were and flip through them to see if they were interested.

I think a few people are going to give them a go; one woman, a friend of this woman Candi I know, was very interested in the books and in Immanion Press, since she's writing some dark fantasy herself.
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Writing Breather

It's funny, I have like NO urge or interested in Nanowrimo. Like... Man, I have done the "gotta write/edit every minute of the day" thing for BD and I'm resting now STILL. Editing a 130,000 word book in 3 months is tough work.

I'm adapting some formerly VC fic into straight original fic but I'm not going back to my original novel until January. Although you know, I probably *could* write a novel in a month. (I'm sure Mercredi will agree, I write quickly.) But I think I'll be able to finish that novel by June and then, let's see go about the whole publishing thing. I know one press already interested :)

P.S. Will post more later tonight I'm sure, but I spent the day in Helen with my parents, Caleb and Daniel. There were some stressful moments but OK, we did it.
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