November 3rd, 2003

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I Ran...

In today's news: "Two British adventurers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Michael Stroud, completed [the New York City Marathon] together in just under 5 1/2 hours -- their seventh marathon in seven days on six continents."

Um, I don't want to know about the jet lag and pain involved in THAT!

Meanwhile, P. Diddy also ran the NYC marathon -- to the finish.

I aspire to a lot in life, but running a marathon...? No way. I was proud of the time a couple years ago I managed to run ONE MILE (4 times around Centennial Olympic Park). I mean... damn, running is like flying headlong into HELL!
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On the Subject of "Porn" (Sports)

I don't seem to want to go to bed, although I'm tired. I guess I am still fretting over my dad. I think overall everything with him is so much worse because I really do worry that he's sick and won't last forever and so everything should be good for him, don't want to have him being worried or mad or uncomfortable. I worry overmuch but that's the reason.

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Yet Another Tendril in the Creep of McCarthyism

Anybody read this besides me? Has it been in other newspapers? I read this last week in the Atlanta paper, for some reason they've featured it on their web site as a new story.

If you're a research scientist or have anything to do with health care, public health, or medical work, you'll want to see this.

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I think the paper did a good job of representing the views of the scientists who work might be affected, BTW.

This reminds me of when I worked at the state public health dept. and discovered all the wonderful politices the government (even under Clinton) had over what information health care workers and administrators could give pregnant women or what policies they could talk about. Like the whole gag rule...
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Still Under Occupation

Well, conclusion after Day 3 of Parental Occupation is that coordinating daily activites and movements is frighteningly similar to being in charge of a military operation, only with undisciplined soldiers who have a tendency to fall asleep a lot. One thing I'm sure of is that having my teenage niece and nephew visit this summer is going to be a cakewalk after this. At least with them I don't have to walk in baby steps and I can rely on them being awake.

Of course, there has been good having them visit. They've enjoyed themselves, I think. My mom has started reading Breeding Discontent and after doing the Acknowledgements and Introduction, is now somewhere in Chapter One. No questions yet and she'll only get to the shocking bits after she's left, so all is well :) My father, although doing better healthwise than last time I saw him, is still difficult to deal with because of his health problems (easily tired, gets hot/cold easily, needs medication, restricted diet, etc.). He's also pretty grumpy, which makes me stressed out because even though he doesn't mean to, he makes me feel I'm not being a good hostess.

My current pet peeve with them is that even with hint after hint, they will not let me roll up the window blind by the birds' cage. I rolled it down yesterday so Dad could watch a movie and ever since the birds have been flying around lost and panicky because their *favorite* window roost is inaccessible and their cage is "different." They keep squawking as they zoom over my parents heads. Dad is irrated by this, Mom says "they'll cope." Is it *that* hard to see the TV with that blind up? I have the middle blind down already.

*Grrrrr.* Yes, I am frustrated. I'm sure some of you can identify with this feeling...
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Oh! A Good Thing!

My book order arrived this morning :)

I sent out 3 copies today by mail and prepped 4 more for delivery at work tomorrow. For the rest, I have to track the people down in person, which should be fairly easy.

Oh, and for signing copies, I used a real fountain pen made in Italy, with really nice blue ink. Wrote in cursive too! Felt so classy :)
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So today, inspired by a business client, I decided to sign up for the free Plaxo service as a means of updating my electonic "little black book." I've received requests from 1/2 dozen folks before on this and thought it was a great idea.

It was really easy and fab because within a couple of hours, my address book went from "98% Out of Date" to "72% Out of Date" because so many people (I think it's like 70 or 80) had responded to the auto email asking them to update.

However, there has been some flak back at me, some just surprising, some irkful:

- Within 1/2 hour of sending, got a call from this guy, whose name I recognized (but coud not place, except I knew he was local). He wanted to know how I knew him b/c he was suspicious. I thought it was weird because the message I sent out was personlized with my name and so on, it says I live in Atlanta... and then when I explained I live in Downtown, do the neighborhood association, work at Tech, am a web designer, he didn't react at all, like he was still afraid of me. I told him I couldn't remember exactly how I had his email but that I was sure I had been in contact with him. I promised to look it up and check. Well, I did check and the guy works at Centennial Olympic Park. What was up with him NOT interrupting me and saying "Oh, so I must know you through the neighborhood." I wonder if the guy just experienced identity theft or something.

- Another business client (who works for same one was person who inspired me to do Plaxo) saying "I don't trust this."

- The ex-husband of a friend emailed me shocked I'd written him b/c he assumed Caleb and I hated him and didn't want anything to do with him. He also said he didn't want anything to do with our friend. Happily I explained that in fact I had nothing against him and had serious issues with his ex-wife. Now we have exchanged a couple emails and he wants to read my book. Go figure!

- Just received a hostile email from another business client complaining about the privacy statement on the site, saying he thinks he's going to get tons of spam now. In my opinion, he has interpreted it incorrectly, since they have written it for members and not simply people who respond to requests. Hope he doesn't start flaming me.

Aaargh. I will say, I am still glad I did it. My attitude is, don't want to participate, ignore me.

P.S. Some of you got a request. One note is that you only need provide what information YOU want me to have. If you only want me to have your email, that is FINE. But there were so many people on the list I actually know but don't have an address for, it was scary. Like w/o email, how would I reach them ever?
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