November 6th, 2003

sideview, obamame_sideview

have i mentioned... much these drugs are driving me insane?????? i was fine when i woke up today, then i took my dosages, had breakfast and started to walk in. after about 20 minutes, i said "shit, here it comes." dizziness city! i feel a bit better now, hoping i won't be so sick today, i need to catch up here at work.
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ice cream

s p a m

I've got so much spam today, I should just pull out the griddle, I swear!

Fortunately at home I've got SpamKiller and it does kill it, but when I'm checking from work, I see it all...

And let me clarify to spammers: Yes, I *know* it's a DIET not a PATCH by now!
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herm worms

those of you who know about the next book i'm doing, and just know me in general i guess, will not question why i find this article pretty darn cool!

Hermaphrodite worms still need males

i'm adding this to my collection of articles on hermaphroditic and parthogenetically reproducing animals found in nature...
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Big 5

Well, somehow I hadn't done this personality test... This was kind of fun!

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Of course, there's a new out out that's mental disorders -- I started it but really felt a lot of the questions were unfair. I mean, what, if I like to fantasize, think I'm a bit different, have "magical or different sensations" then I'm probably considered prone to being schizophrenic... Sounds kinda crappy to me. There's a fine line between being indepenent minded creative versus being completely batty batty* and that test would not draw that line correctly, I'm sure.

* And no offense. I have been close to several schizophrenics, I feel confidant I have some understanding here.
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He doesn't speak often, but when He speaks...

god_dot_com is uproarious, as are His LJ friends. Read the latest post. Oh, dear, Lo-- Oops!

And of course, what I still find hilarious, this entry He wrote from prison:

It still sucks here. My roommate is a dork and I am really thinking about miracling his ass out of here, especially if he doesn't stop talking about his HP, Potsie from Happy Days. At least go with Ralph Malph, freak. Oh, and I've decided that "Kumbaya" means "Explode my head like a stupid Gallagher bit" and I swear I'm going to honor the request if I hear that fucking song directed at Me again.
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