November 8th, 2003

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Queer Eyes & Guys

So tonight while I was cooking dinner Queer Eye came on and I really like the episode, which I guess was a repeat -- but that's OK if you don't watch regularly. Anyway, I thought the episode was nicely reigned in and what's-his-name (the blond guy I find terribly irritating) was fairly well-behaved. Best of all, I really liked the guy the were doing over -- really tall guy with dark curly hair and size 14 shoes. He was terribly endearing. His GF could use some serious help on her damaged hair but she was at least appreciative of his efforts.

Of course, why do I need Queer Eye in my life when I have Caleb and can have conversations like this one (over the phone). I called to see if it was coming over for dinner, which he said he probably would be. Luckily I have a phonographic memory for conversations sometimes!

Caleb: Who 'dat?
Wendy: Ugh, me.
Caleb: What?
Wendy: Just wondering if you were coming over for dinner.
Caleb: Why?
Wendy: Well, you said you would be.
Caleb: Oh no... No, no, I'm in the middle of organizing my house!
Wendy: Oh... well--
Caleb: Do you have any furniture you want to get rid of?
Wendy: What? Ugh, why?
Caleb: What about that side table?
Wendy: Side table?
Caleb: You know, that... sideboard thing, all carved with the olives on it?
Wendy: Yeah... That doesn't "go" in your house!
Caleb: Oh, yes it does, it goes perfectly!
Wendy: Well, maybe but first I have to get my china cabinet, which I've been waiting--
Caleb: Oh, good, so I can have it when you get rid of it?
Wendy: Umm, yeah, I guess so. I can't really fit both--
Caleb: So do you have any endtables?
Wendy: You're at my house all the time -- no, I don't have anything like that, I don't have a coffeetable either, no tables but the kitchen table.
Caleb: Oh... well, bye then!

Incidentally, reason he is reorganizing is b/c he just got a new carpet, a shag.
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