November 9th, 2003

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T-Shirt Hell

I know I shouldn't find these T-shirts funny, but, damn, I've had the site bookmarked for ages because I do go back and visit.

Here are some of my current favorites, new stock:

If you think my tits are nice, you should see my balls
"T-shirts for girls with balls."

"This funny shirt is for women who know that you don't find Cascading Style Sheets in the linen department."

I'm what Willis was talkin' 'bout
"T-shirts for people who do move to the beat of just one drum."

Asthma is sexy
"Buy our t-shirts, and breathe a little easier." (I just crack up b/c it's like... What? So random!)

and a baby T: Make poopy, not war
"For all the 'Peace Babies' in the house. Raise your stinky baby clothes in the air and say ho!"

I swear, I have purposely left out the seriously offensive ones that I think are funny... er, for risk of offending somebody. If you get offended, you have purposely looked at the site. Be warned!
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Geek Pride & Power

OK, I am proud of myself. I just spent like 5 hours configuring a CGI script. Yes, it was a super pain in the butt, but you know, considering I am basically going to get paid a couple thousand bucks for less than a full-day's work... Er, I can deal. I swear, having abilities to tackle tech crap that scares people has its perks.

Oh, and in case anybody wants to "play" with the script I worked on (which I bought, did *not* write myself, only customized), here it is. It's only a test of a much larger survey. Once the client (incidentally, Caleb's work) OK's everything, then I will spend the time of doing the whole 70+ question survey...
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