November 10th, 2003

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not that i'm avoiding doing anything but...

you know, i really really REALLY hate housework.

no, really.

if i didn't actually have to FIND stuff or have people over, i would probably let the rubble pile up 'til it was over my head. as long as i could get to the toilet, the fridge, the computer and the bed (does not need to be made), i could deal with it.

i am getting way better at housework than i used to be, discovered it is not SO horrible, i CAN get a room cleaned in under 4 hours if i just MAKE myself, but eeeeeeeeechhhhh, don't like facing up at all.

housework is better than accounting though. or math.
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weighing the options

i don't like cleaning. and i don't like napping either. but i guess i must prefer napping over cleaning, since i nearly junk conked out on the bed. i was in some sort of netherworld for about 30 minutes, which is forever in wendy-time. now it's nearly dark out. drat. oh, well, at least the mess is atmospheric looking...
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Discuss Amongst Yourself

Found this scrap I tore out of Saturday's paper while I was cleaning (shut up, I will keep on doing it). I'm including a link to the article too, because I just found it so freakin' annoying. I AGREE that "women's work" and "women's roles" have been denigrated, but saying Christianity celebrates women, let alone saying "Maybe women prefer following Jesus by making love their first priority..." Errr. really this woman makes my head kinda spin.

Erasing of gender roles is sad goal of feminism

It's OK if anybody reading this disagrees, I'm just saying... er, like what?!
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Clean!!!!!... and other bits & pieces

OK, so I did *in fact* manage to pick up and vaccum and mainly clean my whole place in only about three hours. Right now the only things left are putting together the bed (washing all the sheets, as the allergist instructed) and paying all the bills I found secreted in various piles of "important papers."

In the meantime, one final moan about cleaning: It makes my skin crawl! Always has actually. I mean this literally, as I would guess being allergic to dust mites and then vacuuming and dusting stuff just isn't a good idea. Since I don't have one of those special masks or an environmental suit (ha ha), nor is my vacuum a HEPA filter, I really do get this yucky itchy feeling when I clean. I think a shower may be in order!

Oh, and speaking of allergies, the sheets and pillowcases ARE on order from Bed, Bath & Beyond (great idea, cob_web, I really cannot get there this week). Since I was already ordering stuff, also got a new (analog) scale and (don't laugh) one of those "As Seen On TV" food chopper. My old chopper is almost dead and I've got to have something to help with all the vegie chopping, since I'm not very good with knives.
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Annoying Interruptions

From CNN: "Do-not-call list revives door-to-door sales" Ha, well at least I won't get THAT! Can't door-to-door in a private highrise! Whoo hoo!

Interestingly, I found that during the whole debate over the summer over whether the do-not-call list would even be happening and how it would impact the varius industries, I notice a distrinct *drop-off* in calls I was getting. Now that the list is "in place," however, my calls are going up again.

Oh, and by the way, spammers, I already know, it's a PATCH, not a diet.
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