November 11th, 2003

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i think i might watch this

this could turn out to be pretty funny...

straight plan for the gay man

"Jonathan, an upscale fashion salesman seeking greater insight into the lives of blue-collar workers, will try to get a job as a meatpacker. Roger, a yoga instructor who has always wanted to play a round of pickup basketball, will square off in a competitive game of street hoops. And Stephen, an entertainer with lots of female friends, will venture into the hetero club scene to try his luck as a smooth-talking babe magnet."

it's a one-off thing, sounds like it might work.
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Monarch Butterflies

I find this very, very deeply depressing, if not surprising, giving the importance of specific geography locations and environment types needed to sustain them.

Study: Monarch butterflies may become endangered

Monarch butterlies are one of those things in nature that are SO miraculous! I always knew they flew a really, really long way during their migrations, but a few months ago, I saw a documentary that totally blew my mind.

Did you know, it's not a single generation that does this? The way it works is: Butterflies are born in Mexico, fly like crazy north, to Texas I think, where they have babies and die. Then the babies grow up and fly north FURTHER, then have babies and die. Then *those* babies fly all the way to Canada and across North America... and then THEY fly home to Mexico!!!!!! I mean, how did this ever happen??????? How did it evolve? It is SO amazing!
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Possibly the Most Unique Wedding I'll Ever Attend

So, in a couple weeks Caleb and I are attending our my friends' lesbian wedding (that would be a committment ceremony) in Germany.

OK, so why am I going all the way to Germany for this when, if it were a cousin, I wouldn't even go out state?

Well, first off, is IS in Germany, second off, the friends call themselves (on the invite) Claudia "Elrond" Kloppe & Heike Marja "König" Kettner. They are both blond (dyed) and one of them likes to dress up as an Elf.

In order words, it's going to be LotR and/or Medieval themed, complete with:
...everybody being in costume (I'm borrowing a dress of Heiki's)
...Medieval banquet (food, music, drinks) at a castle in Konigswinter
...for either night before or after, we're staying at the castle overnight
...think we might get to go around on horse-drawn carriages or something
...and I am fairly sure parts of the ceremony will be in Elvish.

Yeah, pretty unique! I'm excited!

I promise there'll be pictures!
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