November 12th, 2003

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In the past week, I've received five or six responses on from online personal ads that I put up so long ago I'd nearly forgotten they were there (aside from some edits now and then, but certainly not recently). I wonder what's up with that. Are people just gettin' that "I'm so lonely, wanna cuddle for the holidays" thing or what?

BTW, have not done a damn thing about the responses. Two were creepy, I know that, the others were OK I guess. I suck, I know...

My Hero, Lestat, RIP

OK, so earlier tonight I was chatting online with Kris Dotto about Anne Rice and Blood Canticle, what I'd heard about it.

Out of curiosity, I went to see what Amazon's customers would be saying about it -- basically the proportion of "Oh, I love Anne Rice, this is the most brilliant book evah!" reviews versus "This book is utter TRIPE!" reviews. Based on 40 reviews, the latter is definitely winning; book's average rating is 3 stars.

Having just read the sample chapter offered on the Random House web site and some summaries of the "plot," I am pretty darn sure I won't be touching this book w/o an environmental suit. I bought a copy of Merrick last year for like 50 cents at a library sale and after spending about 40 minutes flipping around in it, concluded there was no earthly reason I should read that dreck, esp. not the horrible parts with Louis and Lestat.

Anyway, I will part with this quote, taken off Amazon:

I'm a real fan of the chronicles, but this one sucked ass. ALL he did was talk about how he wanted to be a saint, saint Lestat blagh blagh and hes all skytzo. He says things like 'dude,man,gotcha,whatever,gimme,totally',this is set right after Merrick's death. So he now has acquired this whole new line of speech in just days... He talks like some kid they picked up on the street,is this the LESTAT WE HAVE COME TO LOVE? NO!!!!
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And one MORE Anne Rice thing

I got a link to an interview of her. Oh God, why do I BOTHER to care anymore?!!!

McDonald: The Internet has been a wonderful promotional tool for beginning writers, but you have afforded an unusual amount of access to your readers. I wonder why you chose to do that. You certainly wouldn’t have to do that in a sense with your level of success.

Rice: Oh, I enjoy the Web site a lot and I like being able to talk to my readers. I’ve always had a very close relationship with them. I’ve always liked to go out and do signings. We’re going to go on tour on Oct. 26 and I’ll do signings all over the country. I love to see face-to-face the people. Of course, you never see all of your readers. You only see certain kinds of readers — the ones who are willing to come to bookstores. And the ones who call in on the phone lines — the ones who are willing to call. And the same holds true for the letters and the e-mails. But, it gives you some idea of who is reading your books.

Oh, yes, we KNOW how much she loves her fans and LOVES the Internet! Tja, right!
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Happily mis-spoken

Well, this morning I got a note from yakalskovich re my recent post on the lesbian wedding Caleb and I are going to this December, and I do indeed stand corrected. In my note I said it was a lesbian wedding but then added that really it's a "committment ceremony." In fact, this was simply my brain auto-correcting itself because same-sex unions are possible in Germany. Much like Vermont's domestic partnership law, Germany grants couples the same rights and privileges as opposite-sex couples who are married, only there is another term for it. Whatever the case, it is a "Trauung."

Oh, and one other thing I realized I forgot to mention about our friends is that these are the same women who hosted us during our visit in Sept. 2002, taking out for some great fun, like going to Xanten and having an ancient Roman meal in costume, plus going to a big festival in Burg Satzvey, also all in costume. Another wonderful thing is that Marja is a professional photographer and is the person behind some really lovely photos that have appeared in Inception, the Storm zine. Example: PANTHERA! (This was actually done for a photo shoot at some LotR fashion thing and she had the guy stay so he could pretend ot be Wraeththu :) Oh, the fineness!
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August baby

I don't know if I really like this meme at all. It makes me look bad!

Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride of oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends.
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(no subject)

Thanks to my co-worker Shelley, who fetched it at the Gwinnett County library when I couldn't manage it from Fulton, I've now got a copy of Marageret Weis' Mistress of Dragons. Outworlders book group is reading it or else I wouldn't have chosen to read. I've read about three chapters of it and sad to say, I think it's just going to be a drag to get through. I feel no urgency at all to rush and gulp the book down, which is what I'm used to doing. I will simply have to dutifully read it so I can discuss with the group. Oh, well, good thing I didn't buy it!

One thing I'll note is that the Sisters of the Dragon turn me off exactlyt the same way those women in Scenting Hallowed Blood (middle book of Storm's Grigori trilogy) did. Actually they also remind me of some of the females in the Magravandias trilogy. I guess the idea of priestresses doing secret spells in caves to commune with / fight dragons just is not something that appeals to me.

Actually dragons have zero appeal to me either, as I think I'd rather read about a dinosaur than a dragon. The only dragons I've ever kind of liked were the ones in Lynn Flewelling's Traitor's Moon, because they bit people (priceless scene where wizard Thero is bit on the scrotum!)

Sigh. I'm glad the next book we're doing is Left Hand of Darkness. Only about eight zillion people have recommended I read that and am pretty sure that's way more my thing.
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odd childhood trivia

i feel like making a list. i just DO. anybody want to join after me, feel free...

name 10 things related to your childhood
that people might find curious or surprising *

1. as a little kid and probably until around age 10, i had a very strong bronx accent, result of spending so much time with my bronx-bred mother. that accent is now gone, replaced with something that's best described as "nebraskan with a dollop of southern, german, bostonian and whatever accent the people around me are speaking in."
2. i wasn't allowed to wear jeans until i was a junior or senior in high school, b/c my mom's opinion, they were not proper attire for school
3. after kindergarten i was held back in school and put through a year of "readiness" to get me "ready" for first grade. i ended up functioning way above grave level and being older than most kids in school with me.
4. as a kid, i used to eat bars of cream cheese and sour cream as snacks, with my grandmother's encouragement. (um, ok, maybe that's not too suprising.
5. pretty much hated wearing dresses or skirts until senior year of college, when i discovered polyester and the fact that not all dresses must be flowery, pastel and involve ribons and bows (a fact my mom hid from me!)
6. surprised a school iq tester by knowing the meaning of "thrifty" (apparenlty my peers didn't know it b/c all their clothes were from bennetton).
7. in sixth grade, got pulled out of class with two other kids to read and study the play antigone so we could participate in this special discussion panel led my education guru mortimer adler. the discussion took place on the big stage at the high school, during a teacher's day off or something, so teachers could learn. i enjoyed the play but thought adler was a total jerk and so did my mom, who attended.
8. throughout 7th and 8th grade, wrote shogun fanfic
9. my parents only hired a babysitter for me once that i can remember. either my siblings took care of me or i was alone, which was fine with me.
10. when i was like 4, my sisters carolyn and betty took me on a double-date with them to a drive-in and we saw blazing saddles. looking back, i realized that must have been a crummy date with a chatty 4-year-old in the car!

* this isn't truth or dare, don't have to get really personal or anything

knowing how these things work, probably nobody will feel inspired to follow me but...
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Beat that, MCI!

MCI, my long-distance and local phone service provider, keeps calling me talk to me about broadband Internet access at my home. And I keep telling them that actually my service is better than anything they could possibly offer me and cheaper, built into my condo fees. But no, they insist on asking what kind of service it is and then I have to explain the concept of a) living in a building built with broadband network built in, fed by a wireless transmittor, b) speeed is like 1300 Kbps, sometimes faster and c) company is LOCAL, so nyanyanya.

There is a reason I am very happy with my home office :)
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Bigmouth Strikes Again

Well, Caleb is a blunt person and sometimes (although not always) it can be good. Like, he won't lie and say nice things to me, just to be nice. (Unless I'm sick maybe.)

For example, tonight I asked him if he'd volunteer to sniff my breath and see if, after two weeks of drugs, it was maybe getting better. (Supposedly it's the sinus infection which has caused my chronic problem.) His verdict was: "It smells... different. It's still bad, but now the smell isn't like a sewer, but more like a metal drum... an old drum that's been sitting and has this weird stinky metallic smell." Great, now I smell like an *empty* garbage can!

My thought is that whatever I have hasn't gone away, since my ears still hurt and I still sound totally nasal when I talk.
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