November 14th, 2003

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Well, it appears Atlanta has Actual Cold Weather today. I just checked the weather online because I had heard it was going to get cold and KABLAM! it's supposedly only 33 F out! I supposed it is November and all so it's about time but wow, two days ago it was like 70 or 80!
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Friday Five: Death in Movies

1. What is your favorite death scene (movies and/or tv)? Why?

The motocylist dying in Wim Wender's Wings of Desire (Der Himmel ü Berlin. It's one of those "eyes of the angels" parts of the movie, where we hear an ambulance and then see an accident victim leaning up against a bridge after an accident. He is dying and via the angel, we hear his final thoughts, a catalog of all the things in life he is going to miss. The mindvoice starts off in the dying man's voice, as he mumbles, but then the angel, visible only to the viewer and cradling the man's head, takes over.

2. Name the top three filmed death scenes of all time, in order. (The list doesn't necessarily have to include your favorite.)

  • T.E. Lawrence's motorcycle accident death right at the start of Lawrence of Arabia. Not like I want to see pretty Peter O'Toole die but that was a great way to start a movie.
  • "Liquification" of the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz. Hail to Dorthey, the Wicked Witch is Dead!
  • The deaths in Quest for Fire ((La Guerre du Feu)) are pretty amazing and horrific b/c the perpetrators (ancient hominids) really don't understand death or killing the same way we do.

I'd also like to add in for a third the great war movie The Longest Day, all about D-Day.

3. How many times has your favorite character died? Dream sequences can count. Who is it, and how did they die each time?

I truly don't understand this question. Movies, TV, books, or what? I guess movies but... Hmm, can't think of too many besides maybe Spock who ever died and came back. (I am NOT into horror/slasher movies.)

4. How do you, as a viewer, feel if a show kills, then resurrects a character?

Unless it's fantasy or SF, it's usually dumb, and evne then it's kind of dumb. For examle, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock defies *ALL* logic (ironically) as far as how Spock is brought back to life.

5. Death stories - love ?em or hate ?em? Can you give a two sentence reason?

I like them. I can't think of any off the top of my head and there are no favorite films of mine that are like that, but I've seen some that've made me cry.
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I suppose this isn't quite fair since I was listening to the VH1 80s radio channel while I was taking this (and one of the songs in the quiz was playing) but hey, gotta say, I *do* know this stuff!

P.S. Like my icon? I can't believe I haven't seen anyone with it yet. It will definitely prove useful in future, to suit my moods!
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