November 17th, 2003

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Say What?

I got a chuckle (and so should madame_mercredi) from this story about a computerized voice recognition system in Louisiana not understanding Southern drawls.

Weirdly, I have been able to have computers recognize and understand my voice as far back as 1985, when I used to use the experimental prototypes at the Boston Computer Museum. Back then, nobody could get it to work but me, because I had enough control over my speed, tone and enunciation. Back in college, friends used to have me record their voice mail messages because I sounded like voice mail system so bad, I had "the voice." If I did't already type at like 80 wpm, I would totally get something like ViaVoice for my computer :)
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Fuel Shortage

I think I've determined my mind, high spirits and energy have all been running on high fructose corn syrup and heavy cream, since the absence of those substances, in wake of my diet, is making me feel like a moody slug. Ugh. Not that what I *have* been eating isn't yummy but I really want so much MORE all the TIME!
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This is not Buckhead, this is Midtown

OK, there's workplace gaffes and there's workplace gaffes...

Today a guy at Caleb's work, who he refers to as "the redneck," brought in a fresh deer head and left it in a bag on the office kitchen floor. Seems he shot it over the weekend and was going to bring it to the taxidermist but they're closed in the morning and he needed to keep it someplace cool in the meantime. And since he couldn't keep it in the company fridge (too big!) and in the car it'd be too hot, he just thought he'd leave it there. Right. In the middle. Of the office.

Needless to say, Caleb was not amused. He says the office "smells like death." I asked him if his bosses were around to give the guy a talk (a.k.a. "Um, son, I think that was a little icky...") but they're not, so everybody is enduring. Yuckums!
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I Said Yes!

Well, goodness, somebody called me sponatenously asking me to do something and I said Yes. This is a friend who's bringing over this great 1930s Art Deco filing cabinet (how ME is that!) and wanted to know if we could "grab a bite" at this new tapas place. My instinct screamed NOOOOOOO! as it always does in such cases, but the little rational voice spoke up and said Yes. I mean, I am not doing anything tonight I couldn't do later. It's silly and pointless to say no. (All I hope is that this tapas place isn't all fattening pork or something!)

On the topic of NO, true story:

About six years ago, I was home after work around 5:30 or 6 when I got a surprise call from this girl Jackie. "Morrissey is playing at the Fox, want to go?"

Now, kiddies, believe it or not, even though I had NO PLANS, I said No! It was just an impulse because it was something unexpected, it freaked me out.

Anyway, fortunatley, about ten minutes after I hung up, I came to my senses and called back. "Um, Jackie...."

So Jackie picks me up and by some incredible random luck, when we go to buy tickets at Blockbuster Music, 1) they are not sold out and 2) they had 3rd or 4th row center seats and 3) they are cheap seats, like $20 or something. So WE SCORED!

That was an awesome concert and all because I said Yes.

For once!
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I may have *felt* lazy...

...but over the weekend I proofread a 500-page manuscript and constructed a 120-question online survey for Caleb's planning and design company!

I was up 'til 1:30 last night working on the survey, and finally today finished the MS. I'm quite happy about the MS, as it was actually Wraiths of Will and Pleasure, which Immanion Press is putting out as the U.K. version I think December or early 2004. They just needed eyes to go over it again one more time, a worthwhile endeavor as it turns out. I love that book, ever moreso after another fresh read.
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Workin' the network for good

Well, once again, my communications & PR schmoozing work for the neighborhood is helping me out. A couple of months ago, while adminstering the neighborhood's email, I got a press release from our local library (the central branch) about a book program with some local authors, and thought "What the heck, let me write this lady back!" She sends me PR now and then. Well, she was very excited about an author living practically across the street, so she gave me the name of the director of library programming, who does all kind of author programs at libraries around the city and county. Anyway, he was too busy in September to answer me (running a literary festival) but I pinged him again this weekend and lo and behold, he is very eager to meet me... and he's also a UMass Amherst alumnus! Ha! Anyway, I am going to try to convince him to find some kind of program I can do, with other authors or on my own, even just a display. Hey, or even just get the library to buy a copy of BD or Storm's books, LOL :)

I got another neat idea for sort of PR and/or just educational work -- going and doing a program at YouthPride! I was heavily involved in YP a few years ago, doing their web site, organizing a big queer youth march, volunteering, on the Board of Directors, etc., but haven't been involved much lately. Wouldn't it be neat, I thought, if I could come and do a program for youth about queer sexuality in SF and fantasy... or do a writing workshop... or help them do a zine or something? I wrote their new exec. director and he's up to doing something, and I got an email from a youth volunteer who was psyched about it too. The group is age 12-24 so there's a lot of range and I could end up with middle schoolers. I know how important it is for kids to meet interesting people who inspire them, hope I can be such a person.
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