November 18th, 2003


Ugh! Frustration!

So in early December I'm going to Germany and Marja & Ellie would love a copy of Breeding Discontent as their wedding present. I don't have any extra copies so last week I decided OK, fastest way is to order through My order form Immanion Press took like 3 weeks, and on the Amazon listing, it said usually ships in 1-2 days (though now it says "6-8").

Well, they must be out, because first they had to split my shipment (Octavia Butler's Wild Seed arrived yesterday) and now I get this message saying:

Updated shipping estimate: December 24 - December 31
- Updated delivery estimate: December 29 - January 9
- Your approval required by Thursday December 18 2003

So apparently I can't get a copy of my own book. Suck! I cancelled my order, since having it by Christmas is pointless.

I will talk to Gabby, see if there is another route, since I need the book by Dec. 2. Maybe if I only order one copy it won't take so long, you know?
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