November 20th, 2003



So, what's everybody doing for Thanksgiving?

I'm going to Orphans Thanksgiving, a "Downtown Atlanta tradition" for four years running. Along with me are coming Caleb and Daniel, and then there'll be around 20 neighbors I guess, plus their potlock food, over at Tony & Maria's. It's such a nice way to do things and so much less stressful than doing your own meal, since you only have to do one or two dishes, there's no family fights (unless Caleb picks on me, ha ha), seems to be a tradition of lots of wine, it's great! Tony is doing the turkey as usual. My contribution will be good ol' Massachusetts cranberry dishes -- cranberry bread, fresh cranberry sauce (um, boil cranberries in water, add sugar, voila!) and cranberry scones (from a mix, adding extra fresh crans). I think we're watching TV or movies afterward. Last year a woman sang, lovely.

What are you doing?

P.S. He he, almost posted as malibran, since he was on my computer earlier and didn't log out. I only noticed when there were only two icon pics to choose from :)
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Who thinks these things up?

Raver Bear
Raver Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

In actual fact, never owned a Care Bear, never wanted one either. I never liked stuffed animals too much. My favorite ever was the dog my sisters made for me when I was like 4 out of furry material that looked a lot like shag carpet. Not from a store... better!
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(no subject)

It's late, about to go to bed, am stressed about tomorrow. TOO many things!

Let there be light! Got to get up extra early b/c I have a guy coming over to install my new ceiling lamp. I just realized I didn't tell him it needs to be assembled, just just wired up. I hope he's not mad! (In preparation though, I am getting up extra early, to get light bulbs AND bagels/doughnuts for the man.)

Rush to work Got to go to work then, send out our department newsletter email blast, oh joy!

Lunch with Lea & Shelley That at least will be relaxing, though I wonder what I will eat at Ami, since it is like Fat and Sweet Indulgence City. Probably that salad with the grapes, shrimp and feta (which I wont eat).

More work Then back to work, got scads of stuff to do, boy am I busy lately!

Hair it is! Got a hair appt. at 5, so leaving work an hour early. Am going to this place at Metropolis, probably will only have time for root-dyeing and then a haircut. Going to come back later for the highlights, since I MUST run, because of the...

Opera! Yeah, meeting up Daniel for last opera of season, Elixer of Love. My mind is open. Afterwards we're walking home, trying to avoid sketchy parks.

Back home, hopefully I will get to enjoy my new ceiling lamp. The idea of being able to SEE in my living room at night is freaky!
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And one MORE thing

(yes, I'm Columbo)

I find it amusing (yes, I am easily abused), that typing "george bush is an asshole" into Google produces lots of hits for porn sites, plus a rant comparing Bush to a turd.


I just read this headline and thought: This should be an epitaph!

Bush, Blair: Evil must be defeated

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Makes me want to hurl

This article came to my attention. It's from the ever-so-unpleasant American Family Association ("Promotiong Traditional Family Values"):

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] policy:<br>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

This article came to my attention. It's from the ever-so-unpleasant American Family Association ("Promotiong Traditional Family Values"):

<a href=""Center for Law and Policy:<br>
Tampering With Our Cultural DNA</a>

Sample quote:
<i>The Massachusettss court, like the United States Supreme Court which recently ordered the nation to view same-sex sodomy as normative, has tampered with our cultural DNA, and the consequent mutation will reap unimaginable consequences for Massachusetts and our country.</i>

For more fun articles, visit <a href="">AFA</a>.

Or hey, <a href="">Concerned Women for America</a>, which has this article: <a href="">Judicial Tyrants Create Constitutional Right to Homosexual Marriage</a>. Those CWFA are freakin' SCARY!

I'm glad I'm having a good day, or this would ruin it.
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Movie meme

Instructions: Rank the following movies in order, from COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT to COULDN'T CARE LESS. To add value to this process, you must also add two movies to the list, and remove two movies from the list, before passing the meme on (including these instructions).

Hard Day's Night
The Princess Bride
Belle du Jour
Gone With the Wind
Romeo and Juliet (1968)
Interview with the Vampire
Harry Potter
Legally Blonde

I didn't much like the list on the post I ganked these meme from, and it was hard to only remove two, so I took off two I just didn't know anything about at all.

As you can see, my prejudice against IWTV has managed to lose against my prejudice against Mel Gibson and Harry Potter (saw about an hour CoC last month and found it wretchedly annoying).
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Just Can't Predict!

Well, I totally thought today was going to suck but (knock on wood) in fact, it's been really good so far. I just have to make sure I get some coffee and food before the opera and I'll be dandy.

Good stuff today:

Guy who came to take care of my light installation was great. He's a certified electrician who happens to live on the next block. Did a great job, didn't charge me ("friend of a friend" / "neighbor" discount), and hell, I thought he was dateable (and straight) which isn't something I think often. Oh, and my light is pretty! (I'll even be a dork and post a picture later).

My company (not really a company, but acts like one, within Georgia Tech) has decided to go for a branding overhaul, so we'll be changing the look of our brochures, reports, PowerPoint slides and, as a result, the web site. We got that news two days ago. I thought it was cool, was going to give our new person a fresh start, instead of inheriting my design. Well, today we got an email from a researcher which sweetened it even more; he suggested that we take our site and move it to using the already-designed Georgia Tech standard design templates, which takes out the entire step of designing, plus leapfrogs over so many other issues and goes in the direction we wanted to anyway! I'm so excited, I almost wish I was sticking around!

We (Shelley, Lea and I) decided on all this at lunch at Ami, one of my favorite restaurants, and Lea paid. Yay!

It's a beautiful day out too, leaves are all falling.

Oh, and I may be overweight, but our waiter (with backup from Lea & Shelley) said I was dressed like I was going to be doing a photoshoot for Vogue! Whoo hoo! (See, again, it is good to be tall, I would be a massive pumpkin if I was shorter).
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malibran will appreciate this

I was wondering how many calories or whatever was in can of Diet Coke and said, hey, let's go check the Coca Cola web site. Well, damn, this is more than I ever wanted to know about Diet Coke! Ha! But I did find out it only has one calorie (actually less, they round up). I am just looking for caffeinne (got a long night ahead), was wondering if this would be some big violation of my diet, but I guess not. True, it's SWEET but it's not "cake" sweet, i.e. sweet, with a lot of calories and fat! So let me now venture to the vending machines...

P.S. I am in SUCH a good mood! This is like Wendy on Zoloft or something. Scary, really!
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It feels like tempting fate to say this (BIG knock on wood) but wow, what a fab day I just had!

Let me pick up where I left off, with the light, web redesign news and yummy lunch...

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