November 21st, 2003


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get up...

I woke up to today to my alarm, which I'd set earlier than usual, since I sort of enjoyed getting up earlier yesterday. Guess twice in a row isn't my thing, though, since after slapping the clock into shutting up, my brain got going on the "What day is it? What day is it?" and realized today is NOT Saturday. So, my first words spoken aloud today? "OH, SHIT!"

LOL, could still be a good day though. Not like yesterday, but OK.
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People has named Johnny Depp sexist man! Well, can we all heave a collective: DUH!

:) I'm usually not into the sexist man, but this in an exception. OK, and Brad Pitt too.
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Allergy update

I still can't really say that all I've been doing has helped that much. It's more like I have "suspicions" that the meds and sheets are working, but it's not enough of a change where I'm really sure. Sigh. Like I *think* I feel less stuffy in the morning (a huge problem before), but my eyes are still all gunky and my ears still hurt. But then I'm confused because I do think my ears hurt *less*, but last week they were *killing* me. And today walking to work, I was "breathing through my ears," which for anybody who's never experienced that, is not pleasant. Unfortunatley that's a very common thing. I think my breath is better, but that might be because I'm eating less dairy.

On a related note, got my insurance receipt yesterday for my appt. and yeah, insurance is a *good* thing, as the consultation, with all of those tests, cost about $600!
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Doctor on call

I'm not really going out of my way to suck in all the JFK assassination anniversary stuff out there right now (unlike jesswired, ha ha!) but this particular story struck me:

Witness to history:
Surgeon recalls treating JFK as he died

This story is based on an interview with Dr. Robert Grossman, one of the two physicians who examined JFK when he was brought in to emergency room in Dallas. You get a real sense of the sickening, shocking situation the man faced: Here was the president and one look at his head and he knew there was nothing they could do. Another interesting point is that the doctor, who wasn't the one to do the autopsy, but saw the wound up close and was familiar with gun shot wounds, agrees with the Warren Commission's conclusion about the shot coming from behind.
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Read My Palm

Just wrote to Palm Support complaining about how the PalmPilot I bought to replace the one I broke is a piece of crap. I mean, you get the SAME thing, you think it will the SAME, right? That thing is defective, I should have returned it when I got it months ago.

I still use it, but I use it a lot less because of its defects, e.g. it's Graffiti system doesn't work well so I cant write with the stylus, have to peck out with the on screen keyboard, which is LAME. I am HOPING, that Palm offers to replace the thing -- they did that with my keyboard, which may or may not have had some issue.

The problem is annoying enough I've considered a business expensive for 2003 would be getting a higher end PDA and giving my current to Caleb. Dunno.
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There is this fool Jim Wooten who writes for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He does this rather pointless and potshot-full "Thinking Right" column. It's really just a collection of his thoughts for the day, as bullet points, so he'll say a bit about this, a bit about that. I avoid reading it because it's usually a load of crap and would likely be a load of crap if it were "Thinking Left" with some liberal writing it.

Anyway, I happened to look at today's and here's a gem, just have to share.

The cowboy George W. Bush and the actor Ronald Reagan, neither thought intelligent by their critics, will emerge as two of America's most enduringly quotable presidents -- an irony, of sorts, in that the labored efforts, reputed intellect and silver tongue of Bush's predecessor produced so few memorable lines. Read the text of Bush's speech at Whitehall Palace in London: No classic "ask not" or "tear down this wall" lines. But lots heavy with substance and eloquence that are worth repeating. Bush's rhetoric rises to every important occasion.

I mean, he's serious. I have to say, hearing Bush doesn't really do much to inspire me to anything but getting him out of office.

Of course, back in high school I was the girl who, during the mandatory pep rallies in the gym, would huddle with friends in some back room shaking with anxiety and anger because I couldn't help thinking it was just some training exercise for future fascists, like The Wave or something. My friends were largely with me on that.

P.S. Feel sick. Something in that Indian I made I think. Ugh.
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