November 23rd, 2003


The Next Book

So I have finally started to nose around The Left Hand of Darkness -- not read, but flip through to find pertinant pieces I'm nosy about -- and I can see why so many folks have to me to check it out. Definitely the theme grips me. (In fact I am already thinking about fan fiction or at least toying with "What if's...")

I will start actually reading it tomorrow, but only after book group, as in the meantime I am forcing myself to attempt to finish the not-my-thing Mistress of Dragons by Margaret Weis. I really wish whoever chose this one hadn't because I'm really not too hot on its stereotypical lesbian plot and boring dragon magic. Thankfully next month's book group is, in fact, Left Hand :)

One thing that makes me really happy, however, is that gender/sexuality hook of the book is not nearly as similar to Tarimur, the novel I'm writing, as I thought it might be. All these people have said to me "Oh, that sounds like that famous book..." but actually, my concept is quite different. People have said that, too: "You know, I've never heard of that plot before, that's original!" Not totally original (doubt any stories are) but hopefully it's different enough it will grab people.

Can hardly wait to get back to writing it, but I truly must wait until January because with holidays, vacation, going in and out of town, I can't possibly start now; this book requires me to be grounded and focused, and it also takes hours at a stretch. What I've written so far comes from a process and mood pretty different from those I've had writing fan fiction, including Breeding Discontent, or any original short stories. It's not just that it's original fiction, but that the mood of the piece, and the construction of a whole alien world and culture, simply takes a lot of time and energy. I do feel it's worth it though.
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Mistress of Dragons

Well, I feel justified in my prejudice against that dragon book. Ugh! After spending most of the morning reading it, and getting within 100 pages of finishing, I've got to stop now and go to book group to discuss. I think I'll have plenty to say. Basically, it sucked. To me, reading that book was like eating a stale doughnut after having nothing but Belgian chococlate mousse cake for ages. Ew. And the last page I read almost makes me not want to finish at all. Let me just say: Former dragon priestess being raped by a man who is actually a dragon transformed into human flesh. Description involves words "tore," "thrust" and "lust." Grrrrrr. And of course the priestess' butch lesbian soldier is going to show and save her, right? Right! Damn, this is really predictable and sad.

I guess I'll do a real review later... for kick. Short review: C-
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Random Q's

Got some questions:

Michael Jackson fans: What is UP with them? A vigil? They love him forever, he's the most perfect wonderful gentlest nicest most innocent man ever?

Cat in the Hat: Am I the only one who is scared by the trailer? The cat is soooooo creepy! Like, old furry child molester creepy. I'd RUN from him if I was a kid! (Then again, trailers for The Grinch scared me too and I have a life-long aversion to talking animals.)

Atlanta weather: I swear it's been like 75 lately. Looks like fall but it isn't. (Even after 6 years down here, I still can't figure out what temps are normal for when. I do see from that at this moment it's 65 here and 38 in my home town in Massachusetts.)

And not a question, but a comment:

Georgia: Maybe it's only because I live here, but every time I see headlines about the upheaval in Georgia, I think it's this Georgia and not the other Georgia. Like, Sonny Purdue IS still in charge here, right?
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