November 24th, 2003


Yay, income! Security!

I'm excited. For the first time a while, my "Monday job" at CAP is actually generating a decent amount of work --> income. All summer there just wasn't a lot of work they wanted for me and I was sometimes to busy to do the work anyway, but now that I'm about to walk from my job, it's good to know I've got a chunk of cash coming in for November's work.

Even nicer, of course, is the fact they've signed me on for 10 hrs./week indefinitely, so I have at least one steady contract on which to float my business. I've even been set up to have meetings with all the department heads individually so I am generating all kinds of work for myself, planting seeds for next year.
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Wiebke's Cute Nephews & Nieces

My mom apparently developed a roll of film recently. Typical of her, seems the roll has events going back some months. Anyway, lots of cute family pictures, especially pics of my nieces and nephews.

Julianna, Betty & Bruce's daughter, is about 2 and, so I have been told, is a very strong-willed child who will do things her way.

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