November 25th, 2003

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Give it up!

OK, whoever took Madelyn's copy of Breeding Discontent, give it back! Aaargh! Hopefully it's just misplaced, like fell beteween the sofa cushions.

Having a nice day at work, my employee is gone, her 2-year-old is sick. Been quiet, been getting stuff done, no chirpy conversation.

How funny this is... Before I like it when my boss was gone, now I like it when I'm boss and employee is gone. Can you see now why I'm soon to be self-employed? I don't WANT other people around!
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Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter: LOVE / HATE

Time is pondering Bush and his status as THE GREAT POLARIZER.

The Love Him, Hate Him President

Republican and Democratic voters now disagree on nearly every important measure of Bush's presidency—on whether he has enhanced this country's stature in the world, whether he's been too partisan, whether he has a good grasp of the issues, whether he favors the rich, whether he has been too quick to inject his own moral and religious beliefs into politics. Asked by TIME/CNN pollsters to describe Bush, Republicans over and over again used words like "decisive," "determined" and "strong." Democrats saw the same man in reverse image as "cocky," "arrogant" and "boneheaded." How we see George Bush tells us as much about how we see the world as about who he is.

One note on a bit mentioned in the article: Personally my feeling on those Dubya pilot dolls is that half of them were bought so people could burn them in effigy.
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Thought Bubbles

I ate a pomegranate. As usual, I swallowed all the seeds. This will increase my fertility, right?


Yesterday I got about half way through Left Hand of Darkness. Please tell me there is someone out there who would indulge me by being audience to some left-handed fanfic? I sooooo want to write them, but without an audience... Same goes for Melissa Scott's book Shadow Man. If somebody out there would read it, I would write it.


Over the past few days, I've found myself lingering over the fact that in a month, I will OUT of this job. Out of the job concept PERIOD. I think that psychologically, the shift to self-employment is probably going to be a little freaky. It's a big adjustment really. A lifetime of having to go to school, having to go to work, having to always be pulled by a lease, and suddenly I'll be there holding my own leash. There are so many changes I'll have to make to my routines, a lot of them welcome changes, but still, changes. I think freedom will be something I'll have to really "manage," because it'll be easy to indulge instead of producing. I'll still have to have a big to-do list every day... Sigh. Well, anyway, will be better than this past six years of web design gigs for the gov't, huh?
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so tonight i keep saying "ugh, it's so f'in cold in here!" over and over. i eat dinner, i read, finally i got downstairs to the gym. i come back and it's still so cold. i figure it's just me, or maybe the heat's just hovering up by the ceiling. but no. i finally crawled out of my warm bed (where i'd be keeping warm while reading) and checked the thermostat: heat was no even on! aargh. and i know 64 is not really cold, but when you expect it to be 74 it is.

what is really weird is that i've just finished left hand of darkness, where the whole second half the book is nothing but these two guys (well, guy and guygal) going aross a glacier in the middle of winter, when it's like -60. maybe that was making me even colder, you know, just thinking about it!
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Even the best get rejected

I was poking around Ursula K. LeGuin's web site, and found this:

A Rejection Letter
A copy of a rejection letter my agent received for the first book of mine she handled. Because I am a very kind person, I have omitted the name of the Editor and his publishing house. This is included to cheer up anybody who just got a rejection letter. Hang in there!

Dear Miss Kidd,

Ursula K. Le Guin writes extremely well, but I’m sorry to have to say that on the basis of that one highly distinguishing quality alone I cannot make you an offer for the novel. The book is so endlessly complicated by details of reference and information, the interim legends become so much of a nuisance despite their relevance, that the very action of the story seems to be to become hopelessly bogged down and the book, eventually, unreadable. The whole is so dry and airless, so lacking in pace, that whatever drama and excitement the novel might have had is entirely dissipated by what does seem, a great deal of the time, to be extraneous material. My thanks nonetheless for having thought of us. The manuscript of The Left Hand of Darkness is returned herewith. Yours sincerely,

The Editor
21 June, 1968

OMG, that is just hilarious!
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flat out surprised

sometimes you find fan fiction you just stare are going: "what? somebody wrote fanfic on that?"

well, here it is: flatland fanfic

and i though i was a geek. seems i'm not alone in that.

squares rules, but i guess cubes are better, huh?
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