November 30th, 2003

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Book musings

Well, I'm pleased to know that these days, when you enter "Wendy Darling book" on Google, it's information about ME and not information about that OTHER Wendy Darling that comes up. Or at least I come up FIRST :)

Meanwhile I've just spent some time looking at publishing companies and literary agents. For my next book, I really want to pitch it to pubishers here in the U.S. Storm has said Immanion Press is an option too, but she's encouraging me to look around, which I think is a good idea. One thing I'll say is that it won't be too hard to figure out what publishing companies or agents to approach since most of them say right on their listing in Writer's Digest that they do no accept any science fiction, fantasy or "genre fiction." The ones that do have strong backgrounds in such material and I guess that's who I pitch it to since the book certainly IS going to be a SF/F title. In fact, if anything it's more SF than fantasy really.

One thing that cracks me up is that one of the publishers who normally I could pitch the book to is Tor, but due to my association with the Wraeththu rewrites, editing work on both books they published and books Storm is publishign through Immanion Press... I don't think it'd be a good idea for me to appraoch them. I mean, any cover letter of mine is going to mention BD and work on Storm's novels and any way you slice it, politics are not looking too favorable. Ah, well, there ARE other options!

As for agents, if at all possible I am going to avoid using one, but there are some publishers I'd really like to approach and they don't accept manuscripts except through agents. I guess I will try the first line and if that doens't work, then I'll go to agents.

Of course, for now, there is the writing part, but so far, so good. Been working on fleshing out outline for further chapters and I've come up with a new twist I love. Can hardly wait to get to work on it -- in January as I've vowed.

P.S. Been feeling ill all night, not sure why. Getting worse. I better not have a bug, as I'm going to Germany on Tuesday. Ugh.
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Christmas gift madness PERHAPS at an end

Yay! I think maybe I have finally started a family trend of NOT going nuts with the presents. After years of feeling miffed about things, I wrote an email to my sibs yesterday suggesting that I was only going to give FAMILY gifts and maybe gifts for the kids. Well, so far Nancy has said "great idea!" with some nice, easy-to-do suggestions (like West Side Story on DVD) and now Carolyn wrote and said they're not doing presents except for kids, and gave me some suggestions. Hopefully the rest follow suit.

I'm glad I spoke up. I simply could not handle the task of getting presents for two parents, four siblings four spouses, four nephews, and three nieces. What was especially irritating is that each FAMILY would only get me one gift back, so I while I would give like like 20 gifts (sometimes more than one per person), I'd get about 6 in return. I'm not greedy but it was kind of unfair, you know? Plus carrying all those gifts in my luggage up to Boston... what a super pain!

One funny note to this is that in writing me, Carolyn says that Genevieve would love a nightgown after the "girl nightgown" I bought her a few years ago. Apparently she still talks about it! I remember getting her this super girly pretty pink nightgown at K-Mart and feeling like "Oh, I cannot BELIEVE I am encouraging this small girl!" (she's quite the girly girl) but on the other hand, thinking "But it's soooo cute! She'll love it!" So I bought it. It was only like $9.99 anyway. Got to find another one!
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