December 1st, 2003

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Who knows what they'll find

So I had a follow-up appointment with my allergist today. I told her things were better, though certainly not 100%. I mean, I think the special sheets and pillow cases have helped a lot and my lungs are no longer ON FIRE and my headaches are going away, but there are other problems still sticking around. The doctor has recommended I go in for this thing called a Sinus CT which is some kind of detailed scan of my head and sinuses. She doesn't think it's gone away yet, which doesn't surprise me since it's probably been lurking in my head for YEARS. She wants that test before she prescribes more meds because she doesn't want to give me any more antibiotics than I need (what a good doctor!). So guess in a couple weeks they will have a look in my head, maybe find some of my extra personalities or maybe lost gum. One time I snorted yogurt up my nose; they might find it, eh?
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Just another Manic Mon-- eek, shaddup!

Man, today has had way too many snags. I do seem to be able to get them UNsnagged, but still, stress city.

This morning I was about to cry in public. Greeeeeat. What happened was, I was trying to leave the house at 8:10 so I could get up to Buckhead for my allergist appointment. Well, I left on time, but as I was putting my letters in the mailbox downstairs, I realized one was missing a stamp. So I went upstairs again (remember, highrise) and got the stamp. Then I came down and mailed the letter. I was almost to the train station when I realized: "D-oh! I didn't buy my monthly pass for December yet!" I told myself it was no big deal, I could buy a couple of token from the machines. But of course I didn't have enough $1 bills. I had enough to buy one... or would have, except the machine refused to take my money! (One was slightly ripped, the other was a little bit taped.) So I had to go all the way out of the station and walk home again to get my TOKENS on the dresser... then walk over to the station again to get going. The crazy thing is, even with all that back and forth and crying, the bus was right there at Arts Center and I arrived at the doctor EXACTLY ON TIME, 9 a.m.

Another big WHOOPS is still being resolved. Had a client email me today saying "What happened to my web site?" It's not showing up and an additional domain pointer I had set up is down too. I did the online support thing and didn't get enough love, so I actually called them. Somehow the site's account has been "de-established" or something, like it's GONE. Or at least the system thinks it is. But it's probably not really. We hope anyway. They are going to get it online for me. Whatever. This is NOT what I want to deal with the last day before vacation. Bah!
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Bank stuff sucks

My web hosting company is trying to drive me crazy!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my own domain,, needed its web hosting renewed. I also noticed the system was set up to automatically charge a credit card I no longer wanted to use for business. So I spent all this time online fixing the billing information. I thought it was a done deal and the renewal charge would come in automatically.

Well, now I'm just confused. I have an invoice saying the hosting was renewed 11/11/03. That would be fine, and I could fix it with the bank, except the bank is not showing any such charge. In talking with billing again for ten minutes, they could provide me with no information on this. I said "Well, the bank is saying I haven't paid this bill, but you say I have... should I believe you and just forget about it?" (Their billing system must suck, IMHO.) The lady looked at my account and said "Hmmm, you paid like $600 in 2001, looks like that amount is covering the current change. "Say what?!" I guess I'm just going to ignore it for now, shouldn't complain about money NOT being taken out of my account. How weird!
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My AWOL client, who I hadn't heard from since probably late August, is back in touch. I am happy, because he'd like to start up work in the next two months and BOY is he going to have nice juicy check when I'm done. This is good since checks are good when you are starting a business. Yes, they are! Whoo hoo! I really, really want to do a ton of work that month and this will be a great start.
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