December 8th, 2003

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hi. i am back. i have unpacked. i am stinky from long plane trip, but clothes are in the wash. am going to take shower now, then later i hope to get going posting my pictures... whoah, do i have some goooood ones, as the trip was quite scenic. funnnnnn... (yes, me tiiiiiired.)

oh, and thank you to pigeongirl99 for this nice new icon.
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Wedding Pictures! Wedding Pictures! Wedding Pictures!

Well, the past week in Germany was a heck of a lot of fun and to top it all off, Caleb and I managed to take some good pictures. Since I'm not wanting to go to bed yet (trying to force myself beyond the jet lag), I've decided to get going on posting these. We did all our pictures right on my digital camera, thus the instant gratification.

For the first round, here are the pictures everybody said they wanted to see -- the Medieval style lesbian wedding. I'm also adding commentary to explain what's going on, where we were, etc.

First of all, the wedding was the official joining of our friends Marja and Claudia, who Caleb and I first met last year. Since they are both heavily into Medieval / LotR live roleplaying, and since Claudia lives just across the Rhein from the famous Drachenfels near Bonn, they decided to do the whole event in a Medieval theme, with all guests in costumes, appropriate locations, transportation, after-wedding festivities, music, etc. I didn't exactly know what to expect prior to going, but Caleb and I were pretty confident it would be cool -- thus the fact we hopped a plane to Germany :)

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European shopping, travel musings

Once again, after getting home from a trip, I've put my "take" on the kitchen table so I can see what all crap I've hauled home. I seem to be whittling down my tastes and buying strategically -- food and clothes!

- 8 pairs of stylish department store tights (Strumfhosen)
- 5 big bars of delectable German chocolate
- 3 bags of Katjes brand licorice (1 for Mom)
- 2 250 g. bags of black Dutch licorice (one for me, one for Mom)
- 2 very trendy retro sleeveless shirts
- 2 German magazines
- 1 music-box tin of Nurnburger lebkuchen (cookies, for Mom)
- 1 tin anisette candies (for Mom)
- 1 Kinder egg
- 1 pair cool new black and red wine colored sneakers
- 1 Medieval/folk CD

A few notes...

Only thing notably absent is shampoo and bath products; this is because I stocked up so much in England I really thought I could skip that.

It's funny. Some people think OK, European shopping, would be like this super expensive stuff, designer and whatever, but I tend to get all my stuff at supermarkets, teen girl shops, regular dept. stores, drug stores.

This trip I shopped in both Frankfurt and Bonn. Although Frankfurt was the more upscale and all, personally I prefer Bonn because from what I saw, Frankfurt is just a hell of a lot uglier. Really I guess some parts are OK but Bonn is more intimate and doesn't have those horrible large stretches of cold windy barren streets and ugly skyscrapers. Cologne is also a lot nicer than Frankfurt. Oh, well, I guess I am learning!

More trips to Germany will come in the future, for sure. Right now Marja and a team of Wraeththu role-players are forming up to take part in the New Order event in Hannover and she really wants me (and Storm) to go to that. Not *quite* sure if I will, although it sounds fab. I'd also like to go visit yakalskovich in Munich. And then there is this idea I have for visiting Hamburg and also Bremen where my grandparents were from (and there is supposed to be an emigrant museum there). Oh, and Berlin!
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