December 10th, 2003


I'm so glad I woke up

Obviously jetlag is doing stuff to my brain...

Last night I dreamed I had gained access to Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch. Somehow Caleb and I had got an invite, just really casual-like, and we were exploring around the premises. It didn't really look like the place shown in that infamous "Living with Michael Jackson" interview, because it was more like a couple of huge apartment buildings in NYC than a spread out in California, but it was still huge and weird.

I remember at one point stumbling into the "children's wing." It was set up almost like a hospital ward, with a main desk with an on-duty nurse, then a whole hallway where the kids would stay. Naturally, this is where I found disturbing stuff, like 2-year-olds roaming around the halls unsupervised and kids even younger attached to the counter at the main desk, like suspended from infant carriers and just waiting there for somebody to take care of them, in the meantime being totally neglected.

I'm going to take a shower now.
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Check your head

So this morning I got up *before* the crack of dawn to have a CT scan on my head, to determine whether or not my sinuses are still as messed up as we think they are. Getting lost in the hopsital and filling out all the outpatient paperwork took longer than the actual procedure, which I guess was around 15 minutes. The test wasn't done inside one of those tubes, but out in the open. I had to lay on a narrow cot with my head in a kind of brace as big square-doughnut-shaped machine scanned my head, from front and back. The weirdest thing was when they were lining up my head by using red lights so I felt like they were going to try to shoot me or slice me open. I'm not sure what they will find or what I want them to find. On the one hand, I'd like them to say it's all normal and my sinuses are fine, but on the other hand, since my head still feel pretty awful, I'd like to move on with finding a *reason* for that.

Oh, and because I just couldn't resist finding it: Paris Hilton (actualy Hilton Paris)...
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my head still feels like crap. going to lunch now, hoping maybe i just need some fresh food in me or something. had granala bar and oatmeal for breakfast, not exactly fresh. and nothing to drink at all either.

addendum at 3:20: i *still* feel like freekin' crap. jet lag? sinuses? something i ate? the fact it's getting dark already? ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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Treading Water

Well, struggling still with my head (and hoping this isn't some sign of impending flu!) but finding way to amuse/distract myself.

For example, on, the listing for Breeding Discontent now includes:

Customers who bought books by Wendy Darling also bought books by these authors:
Poppy Z. Brite
Ellen Kushner
Anne Rice

Cool! I do think it's interested all three suggested are women. And I've read two of them.

Speaking of writing, I'm still excited about a couple of projects on the table:

1) The Wraeththu short story I'm working on, which I was rereading last night in hopes I can get going on it again tonight.

2) The next book. I really think that the long break I've had from it will end up doing me a lot of good, as since this spring I've had a lot more practice writing/editing as well as exposure to some great fantasy and SF books. Reading Nightrunner, The Chosen, Left Hand of Darkness, etc., has given me more of an idea about what *I* want to do, what my world will be like, what elements to add to the story, something to aim for. I don't think it will be anything too similar to any of those (probably resembles Left Hand the most, although style is very different) but I do want to create something that's rich and powerful and complete, not hairbrained or derivitive. Can't wait to get back to it!

Let's Not and Say We Did

While looking at Amazon reviews for The Lies of George W. Bush (which I really want to read!) I came across this "So You'd Like To..." guide that freaked me out in nearly the same way as reading articles by Concerned Women for America.

So You'd Like To... Expose a Liberal

The following books come as essential tools needed to arm yourself for political discourse against the incorrigible liberal charlatans who spew forth nonsensical uncivil vitriolic invective against conservatives on a daily basis. Their weaknesses, aside from being unquestioning witless sycophants, include their glaring inability to engage in decorous discourse, their visceral eschewal of discerning between right and wrong while instead choosing the nebulous gray area of moral relativism, and, without question, their propensity to choose pernicious emotional personal attacks as their weapon of choice over reason, logic and facts.

Oh, and for more giggles, read some of the one-star reviews of the book Lies by people deeply offended at unjustified lies and attacks aimed at the president. Written by people who can't spell -- d-oh!

Christmas shopping proceding apace

Decided I had better get on the ball with shopping, especially since I knew I'd be going to Amazon and online places for at least a couple of things... and darn if I didn't end up getting presents (from Amazon and 2 other places) for nearly everybody!

Since I am 99.5% sure nobody in my family is reading my LJ (jeez, I certainly hope they have better things to do than spy on youngest sister), let me say what all I got just now...

- Nancy's family gift: Fiddler on the Rood DVD
- nephew Ian's gift: West Side Story original cast recording CD
- nephew Sean's gift: Eyewitness: Insect book (I *love* that series!)
- Betty & Bruce gift: gift certificate for their cell phone
- niece Ashley: Amazon gift certifcate (kids can read 500 page book in a day)
- Tom gift: Bit O'Honeys & Mary Janes (
- nephew Owen gift: 2 Richard Scarry books

Whoopee! This only leaves 5 more Dad, nephew Will, nieces Julianna & Genovieve, and my brother's wife Cathy. (Peter and Carolyn say they are not accepting gifts.) That should be eeeeasy, since the two nieces want "dress up clothes" -- oh goodness, did somebody say "dress up"? Auntie Wendy is *about* dress up! I can't wait to go shopping for princess outfits, scarves, white gloves, costume jewelry :) For my nephew, I'll burn a CD, since his disabilities mean sound is one of the few things he can experience and he likes music. For Dad I'll find some big warm slippers (he's cold all the time now) and for Cathy, maybe same thing (she lives in Vermont, it's damn cold!). Mom was already taken care of with lots of licorice & cookies from Germany


Oh, and from Amazon I also got 2 books for me: Bone Doll's Twin (Lynn Flewelling) and a very attractively weird-sounding short story book by Octavia Butler.
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Whoah, weird, I *just* found this.

  • Is this feature new, this Rich text thing?

If not, I am a goob.

(OK, I'm a goob anyway.)

I always wondered how people with no tech skills could be doing so much with their posts. I personally would always code everything in HTML since that's my job but... whoah, coolness!

My only questions is, how do I turn this OFF and go back to regular style posting?????

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