December 11th, 2003

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Bad manners

I swear, somebody needs to write Miss Manners about Dubya. The man has NO mannera!

Bush Seeks Help of Allies Barred From Iraq Deals
President Bush asked France, Germany and Russia to forgive Iraq's debts, after they were excluded from reconstruction projects.
(from NYT)

So he's basically taking the attitude of "You didn't help us with the war, so you can't help us with the clean-up and financial rewards, but since you are so obviously lily-livered Pinkos with unfounded sympathy for Iraq, how about you forgive the debt?"

Forgiving debts is tricky business and I'm not sure whether it's a good idea or not, but the idea that Dubya seems to be continually going to these countries, and the whole world, the U.N., and saying "This is what WE want to do, this is what you do, ain't nothin' gonna stop us"...

Well... *Sigh*

Securitarianism just seems to have better and better article and commentaries all the time. Consider this piece, which was one of the best "Whoah, let me think about that..." articles I've seen in quite a while:

Feeding Fear: The New Security Culture

But security is not only about new routines; the "security measures" suggested by the Department of Homeland security and its agencies, have pierced into personal spaces, crept into workplaces and schools and seeped through the walls of private homes. The integration of these measures into daily routines is part of a phenomenon that we might call securitarianism – a combination of security and totalitarianism that affects the entire fabric of society and reaches into every corner of our lives. Securitarianism is not a planned and organized security network run and overseen by a central committee, but a set of measures that functions as if it were designed, organized and managed through a single organizing structure...

...Consider the way in which the word "security" has been use by the defense industry. At a time when hundreds of thousands of people around the country are losing their jobs, some states are eliminating health care subsidies for the poor and support for single mothers is being cut across the board, security is undoubtedly a central issue on many people’s minds. Yet the security they are concerned about would include steady employment, social benefits, well-funded schools, and community services. Under securitarianism, however, the term "security" denotes only a military concept: protection and defense against armed terrorist aggression.
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DVD format crap

Well, f*ck it all, I was wondering why I hadn't bought DVDs of BOTH Season 1 and Season 2 of League of Gentlemen... at least until I just checked and discovered that Season 2 is not available in Region 1! I watched it at Storm's last May so I know it's available in whatever format the U.K. uses but... Oh, well, gotta wait until popular will forces the BBC to cave in!

Maybe somebody should send Edward (left) to threaten them?

ADDENDUM: Aaargh, and now I check with Amazon UK and see that Season 3 is available too, as is the Christmas Special and live shows... Shit. I really wish I had a region-free player sometimes.
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Ganked from mevinan



1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I love the smell of sulphur.
02. I love rice
03. I adore a good night out with friends.
04. I have really bad breath.
05. I think polyester is The Wonder Fabric.
06. I love my sateen sheets -- it's like sleeping inside sex.
07. I sleep sound as a rock.
08. I hate when people who use on-line abbreviated spelling and syntax - all the time.
09. It annoy me when people use "how r u" instead of "how are you"
10. I love reading next to a fireplace during winter.
11. I wish I was multilingual.
12. I have had lots of weird dreams about penises.
13. I think Morrissey is "the sun and the earth."
14. I've never been to Las Vegas.
15. I don't drive.
16. I'm not a member of the mile-high club.
17. I've never been in a relationship with anyone ever.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I think Captain Archer on "Enterprise" is a stupid, annoying, cocky jerk.
20. I have read more than 600 pages of a novel in a single day.
21. I love music.
22. I like cheese.
23. I need to clean my bedroom.
24. Dubya makes my blood boil.
25. I'd like to live in England someday.
26. My business is going fairly well right now.
27. I like buying coats and jackets.
28. I have a weakness for costume jewelry and sparkling things.
29. My voice is very loud.
30. My nose is NOT pierced.
31. I never really see my family.
32. I live alone.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
34. I find 30s-40s men with salt-and-pepper hair or shocks of white to be dead sexy.
35. Some days I just want to tell them all to go to hell and die.
36. I hate teeny boppers.
37. I can't do any dance with steps in it, even the Macarena.
38. I think New Yorkers are very nice people.
39. I love anything vanilla-scented.
40. I don't care if everyone posts this on their journal.
41. I really enjoy creative and personal gifts, even if they cost nothing.
42. I think all people should be able to talk about sex openly.
43. When I'm around dear friends who smoke I feel really angry and sad for them.
44. I like to ride my bike.
45. I love some old musicals.
46. Fabric softener is a comforting smell to me.
47. People sometimes find me very intimidating.
48. People always comment on my real name with jokes, questions, ask if it's real.
49. I bought almost all my Christmas gifts online.
50. Pumpkin is one of my hundreds of food-aversions
51. I hate regular fish, cooked, but love sushi.
52. I can eat large dollops of wasabe without it having much effect on me.
53. My parents have never divorced.
54. I am more than 75% certain I will never have kids.
55. I HATE reality television.
56. I love thunderstorms.
57. I miss where I grew up and want to go back in a few years.
58. I was NEVER in love with Donny Osmond when I was little.
59. I hate being teased.
60. I am not where I thought I'd be five years ago.
61. That show "Animal Miracles" (or whatever it's called) makes me cry real tears!
62. I do not want a really good webcam.
63. Sometimes I'm too passive.
64. I love black licorice.
65. My friends are my family.
66. Sometimes I wish I could so some of the amazing things black women do to their hair.
67. Sometimes I wear a wig.
68. I've worn wigs to work when it wasn't Halloween.
69. At my job I am helping to promote things I find immoral. (Note: Well, only one more week!)
70. I have partial hearing loss.
71. I hardly ever go to the movies (3 maybe 4 times a year).
72. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, or was lumped with them.
73. I have the straightest, finest hair in the world. I put babies to shame.
74. I have never smoked pot or done other illegal drugs (although I don't think they should all be illegal).
75. I'm often at my best under pressure.
76. I don't play RPGs.
77. I am far too nice sometimes.
78. I feel at peace when I'm outside on a crisp, clear night.
79. I like really sweet liqueurs like Chambord, Amaretto, Frangelico...
80. I am a big fan of classical music.
81. I've never seen Duran Duran in concert.
82. I hate it when girls walk around wearing next to nothing and complain when guys look.
83. It infuriates me when people still equate Germany with Nazis.
84. I refuse to buy products produced in Israel. (But stupidly, buy stuff from China and Indonesia. Go figure.)
85. I despise closed minded people.
86. I find a lot of Jewish guys really sexy, even when they are total geeks.
87. I've never been to the west coast.
88. I look like my dad in the face.
89. I have ripped clothes in the dressing room and not told the store.
90. Jungles scare me and I wouldn't ever go anywhere tropical.
91. No interest in going to a holiday resort; I like vacations in cities, usually cold ones.
92. I feel like I expect too much out of my family.
93. I don't know how to relate to morning people.
94. I am wealthy.
95. I love Sen. Ted Kennedy... well, his politics anyway.
96. I am sick of presidents with Southern accents.
97. I have never used "y'all" in regular speech.
98. My height is just right for me; I don't want to be any taller or shorter.
99. I love to sing.
100. I like doing silly surveys.
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I hate when this happens!

I came up with a very tasty drink to go along with my writing tonight: cappuchino liquer, Amararetto and Frangelico mixed on ice, in a small goblet (3/4 cup). Well, it was too good. I got up for a second and after a bit of that, I'm now so drunk (and possibly also wired from cappuchino!) that I can't write. I just keep pacing around while at the same time wanting to go to bed. My feet can't sit still and I certainly can't focus on my story. At least I got a couple more pages done, good pages. Damn this tasty treat!