December 14th, 2003

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Sunday morning

Woke up this morning (or woke up near 7 when it was getting light... as opposed to the 10 other times I woke up during the night) and my first thought was: "Hmmm, I feel quite a bit better." Think *possibly* my intestines might be working again. I just ate some applesauce, crackers and juice and so far I don't feel bad about it. Nevertheless, I guess today will be spent at home again, probably watching TV and doing some very *light* cleaning.

The only thing that makes me sad is that this afternoon is supposed to be our book group discussion of Left Hand of Darkness. I was *really* looking forward to this and had sent out extra emails to Outworlders encouraging people to go, but now I think I really can't go. First of all, the normal way I get to the meeting place is biking, and I don't think I'm in any condition to do that. The bus doesn't run near there either today. I could walk from a train station but it's still kind of far and it's cold and wet. Even if I got a ride, I really shouldn't go and get everybody *else* sick. Wah! I guess if I'm feeling up to it, I can write a *review* of Left Hand today and thus sort of make up for it, but... Wah!

Oh, and in other news, had a really weird dream last night, capping off a week of weird dreams. Dreamt something about me, my parents, Caleb and my friend Enrique going to Spain. We were in France and decided to drive down to the Southern coast. For me the strangest bit was being forced to drive there on an old motorcycle (b/c there was no room left in the car) and being scared to death of the highways. There were all these bizarre roadblocks too, where in order to pass I had to pull the motorcycle over chain link fences or demonstrate my machismo. LOL. At the end, we ended up at this beachhouse I guess Enrique's parents owned but which seemed populated mainly by gamers and people I'd met at Grissecon. Then the capper, I saw in my mind this map of Spain with an overlay of some chef making something... and I kept wondering what, until finall I realized they were making a burrito but making it upside down, so I didn't reocgnize it.

Fever dream!

The TV Law

The sicker you are, and the more the ONLY even slightly active waking activity you can do is watch TV, the more SUCK the TV schedule will be.

I was just on the couch an hour and the best thing on was Beastmaster. And while I love Beastmaster in its special kitschy, makes-no-sense-whatsoever way, that was the BEST thing?

Blech. Going to take more bismuth.
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Caleb just IM'd me and I am now buoyed by a promise he made that tonight around 5 we could go out to the brand-new 24-hour diner next door and have WAFFLES. For some reason I really, really want waffles and maple syrup, and since that place is right next door and I can't possible collapse on the way there, I am excited to go. Wow, going outside! Exciting!

I definitely have the flu. I guess my fever isn't as high as some folks but endless intestinal issues are more than making up for it, plus I seem to be having plenty of fever dreams and thoughts on my own. For example, earlier this afternoon I was lying in bed when I suddenly imagined my stomach as this big hockey rink with all these players skating around churning up ice with this puck flying around. Not a bad metaphor for how my guts have been feeling lately. Ugh. I keep finding myself lying in bed just moaning like a cow giving birth or something, I feel so frustrated and pathetic.

Caleb tells me I shouldn't expect to be better tomorrow. Got to cancel two more meetings. Maybe I will at least feel better enough to clean this filthy house. I had planned all week to use the weekend to clean it up, but of course now all I've done is make it worse.
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People badmouthin' Blood Canticle

I was excited to find a new review of BD online, but added bonus, I did a check and Anne Rice's Blood Canticle rating now stands at:

Average Customer Review: 2 1/2 stars - Based on 121 reviews


Some truly awful reviews in there too. Quotes:

This book is a piece of trash.

If you love the Vampire Chronicles, please don't read this book.

I read Interview and Lestat back before I was in high school. I'm glad I stopped there. I opened this one up at the bookstore and was offended by line 3. If you respect yourself, put that baby back on the shelf. Stake it there.

This book is a sad, pathetic end to an otherwise exceptional series.

If you haven't burned numerous piles of her books before, this one will have you reaching for the zippo in the first three pages.

"Blood Canticle" is the worst kind of popular fiction. It is a product. It is Random House and Anne Rice hoping that people will buy it simply because it is a Vampire Chronicle. But is absolutely the worst novel that I have ever read.

It seemes every page is perferated with some trite meaningless diaglouge with some lame character.

Oh, LOL...

I feel like next time I visit the library I should sample that first chapter and see what makes people so ill. But I'll wait 'til this flu runs its course.