December 15th, 2003


This is Wendy's brain on limited electrolytes

Well, last night I went ahead and sent out emails cancelling the two business appointments I had, one for a contract, one for my regular job. I was relieved but at the same time felt slightly sheepish, because somehow I thought I might maybe possibly be better and really I was just being overly cautious.

But no, definitely it was a good idea because I've just had a hellish night and I now don't want to go to bed again because it will just start all over.

(Warning of possible sickness TMI...)

First of all, after having a nice, comforting chat online with madame_mercredi and doing a little reading, I decided to lie down in bed. Well, that was horrible. I have figured out that I don't have the flu, but gastroenteritis, which is basically having your stomach and intestistines under attack and not working worth a sh*t (literally). I've been having the worse stomach aches, cramps, gas and diarrhea, and I had a mega bought of that right before going to bed. In fact I had 2-3 because every time I'd go lie down, I'd have to get up.

So finally I got to sleep somehow, only to wake up around 1 with another mega-bout. This was probably my yummy dinner at the diner. Ughhhhhhhhhh. I am so TIRED of this. It's like a long dragged out labor, not making an f*cking progress either. What seriously grosses me out, and now is making me take iron, is that all the "refuse" of this illness is black and supposedly that means old blood, so that would explain why my stomach feels so dreadful. Grrreeeeat. So I would be crying except I'm dehydrated enough I don't have tears... well, not literally but it feels like that.

Then I *finally* get to sleep for real, and it's this HELL sleep of nightmare after nightmare after nightmare. I've had very vivid, mainly disturbing, dreams every night since I got back from Germany, but these really take the cake. The main theme of them (they came in cycles, as I semi-woke-up in between them) was that I was trapped in the middle of some war in someplace like Yugoslavia, running around in the basements of all these buildings with women, children and old people, getting bombed, dead bodies all over, horrible things going on everywhere.

Oh! And mixed into that, I was having dreams about some NEW fascist power taking charge in Germany (and it was modern Germany, because they took over the modern S-Bahns and ICE and stuff) and there were these horrible SS and Stasi types going all over dictating to everybody. Like I was with a patrol of these police who were in a neighborhood shining flashlights in everybody's windows and writing down every infraction of code, plus walking right in to people's houses and looking at stuff, also stealing stuff. In one part, they walked into a communal apartment and there were all these teenage kids sleeping in there, like a dormitory, and the guards roughed-up this one kid for playing music and "disturbing" his neighbors.

Also at another point, I was with Caleb at the "coronation" or annual celebration of this fascist state and the celebratory architecture was combination of Nazi, Communist Chinese, and Baroque themes. And there were dead people all over, but kind of hidden. And somehow in this all, I found this big dinosaur I was riding like a horse/camel and it was letting me walk around without anybody messing with me. Oh, and needless to say, I woke up out of all those nightmares having to run to the bathroom :(

*SCREAM!* I think I'm going to watch TV now... I bet hearing about Saddam and Dubya and shit can't be worse than all that. That was all so gruesome.

As soon as it's light out, I'm going to CVS to get Gatorade to replace fluids, as the apple juice I have only really has sugar, not other stuff. I'm also going to make sure to take more iron.
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Attn. Slash/Yaoi People

It's not on LJ, but there has been quite an intense discussion of Slash/Yaoi going on on the Stormboard, a.k.a. Storm Constantine's mailing list on Yahoo Groups. It's not surprising since a lot of Wraeththu fans got into Wraeththu and some of Storm's other stuff as a "Western Yaoi" but this is probably the biggest discussion ever come up:

You have to log in and/or join to read, but you can always undo that and you don't have to receive emails.

BTW, two of the discussion participants, Casey and Jaden, may end up doing an article or two for the next Inception since they seemed to have tons to talk about, plus there is plenty to relate to Wraeththu as well.

P.S. Took some of that Immodium stuff couple hours ago, so far so good. (Knock on wood, gonna take something amazing to stop this bug!)

My poor mom

Today I got this email from my mom (68 years young), who's trying to sort out family Christmas presents and visits from us 5 kids and spouses and grandkids. If you think you've got a handfull, check out:

Let me know when you are coming and if this information is right. You all know how easily I get confused.

Nancy & family | 12/23 else 12/24 | Staying till ??? |Staying at Burns
Betty & family | I'm not sure if they are coming
Carolyn & family | 12/25 or 26 |Staying until the 29th or 30th | Staying hotel & here?
Tom & family | 12/23 | Leaving on Christmas day | Staying here
Wendy | 12/22 | Staying till 1/1/2004 | Staying here

I am attaching a list of gifts that people want. Let me know if you
have anything to add or have already bought any of this.
I will get Owen the wooden tool bench (plastic)

Notice who's staying the longest, BTW :) And how mom lists us in order of oldest youngest (which I do too, that way I make sure I don't miss any!)

Oh, and my mom's reference to "wooden tool bench (plastic)" already elicited this response from my sister Betty: "Oh, yes, the famous plastic wood..."


(no subject)

I thought of this question a week ago but got busy at work...

When did you stop believing in Santa Claus (if you ever did)? If you never did or if you did and there was something you remember about why you stopped, elaborate.

Well, the fact that my family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas eve, in the German tradition, meant that I knew that my presents weren't coming down the chimney in a sack that night -- they were there already, and often I got to help put them there (the "runner" from the wrapping rooms)!

I think Mom tried to make up for this by telling me Santa came and filled the stockings but since I was by far the youngest child, her indoctrination wasn't very strong. Also, by the time I was 6, I was helping her wrap presents (all but my own). When I was in first or second grade, the entire deceit went away because our family started a "stocking swap" where we'd draw names and each have to fill another kid's stocking. (My parents would fund me about $20 and take me to the flea market to get prezzies!) I loved that tradition and thought it more merry than Santa for sure.

I really have a low tolerance for advertising, TV shows, movies, or anything else containing Santa b/c it seems there's nothing left in anything to mine. There are a few exceptions, like Nightmare Before Christmas, Rudulph the Red-Nose Reindeer and Miracle on 34th Street (original) but most else is just barren crapola. I JUST DON'T CARE! I'm much more partial to holly, bells and snow (seasonal stuff) than any Santa motifs.
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i never thought i'd get excited about this but...


guess that means my fluids are going where they're supposed to.

and i'm drinking gatorade and ensure like an old athlete.

today for dinner i'm going to the diner for latkes to celebrate. (i love latkes and all manner of fried potatoes but for some reason i can't make them very well!)
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