December 18th, 2003

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Little kids who ask rude questions

Found in an old email I wrote about 2 Christmases ago...

Oh, and that reminds me -- Genovieve [my niece] has an unhealthy, Lisia-like obsession with babies. OTOH, it could be normal for her age, but anyway, the girl is always thinking about babies. My sister has pretty much gone out of her way to brainwash her girls with this routine about how life has a pattern: you go to college, you get married, you have kids -- in that order. You can't have babies first, you can't skip college, and you need to be married to have kids. It's normal but the way she's got it ingrained into them is QUITE amazing.

Anyway, Genovieve apparently thinks getting married and having kids is the be-all and end-all, which is funny since I think Carolyn wants to LIBERATE her daughters, and so she's there on my lap and says to me, "Do you have babies, Wendy?" And I tell her no, I don't, and she she asks me how old I am. I say 27 and she gets really upset at me. Using her 7-year-old logic, she asks about my husband and I say I'm not married. She then informs me that's OK but I need to hurry up and get married so when I'm 30 I can have children. Arrrrrrrgh!

I will credit my sister Carolyn for rescuing me from Genovieve's subsequent attempts to chide me. The kid was there goading me, telling me I had to have kids, asking me why I didn't have a boyfriend, etc. I kept telling her I was fine and her mom was like, "Now, Genovieve, you know that not everyone has to have a boyfriend or have kids..." I actually felt pretty upset by the whole thing and I mean to email my sister about it, just telling her she needs to teach her kids to stay out of people's personal lives.

This kid did the same thing to me last year. I hope she has "grown up" a bit more this year and doesn't ask me again b/c it gets less funny every year.
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This WAS Me

This is an old strip I saved to my hard drive at work, which I'm now cleaning off.

I love Pathetic Geek Stories, but this was one of the most "moving" ones, as opposed to the "ha ha, yeah, I was that dorky too" ones. Well, it's still funny, but you know, it's depressing too.

To read PGS every week, go to Onion AV Club (or other places, dunno).
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Second to Last Day of This Job

Well, I'm coming up towards the end of my Second to Last Day of This Job. It's kind of an odd feeling. It's not like when I left my last job and I was like "Good riddance!" Well, it IS like that, since this job was stultifying too, but on the other hand, I don't have the prospect of some specific job ahead... just the possibility of infinite freedom: to succeed or to screw up. I don't at all expect to screw up, I think I'll do well, but it's still so nebulous and there are so few models for my mind to work with (people don't seem to just quite their job and go solo every day) that I'm kind of like "Hmmmm, what was I smokin' when I decided to do this?" I guess "scared" doesn't describe it b/c I'm confident things will work out. I don't tend to make huge mistakes -- got a good head on my shoulders. But... erk, I'm leaving my job! It's Christmastime! Where's my next paycheck (well, beyond the last one) coming from? Myself!

P.S. I am OFFICIALLY "better." Yay.
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Writer's Survey (ganked from mroctober)

I liked this survey.

1) What was your first publication? Well, skipping any school pubs, any times I've written for newspapers (as reporter or editorial writer), any self-published zines, and any web sites or bulletin boards... and moving to first published fiction in a book, it would have to be my story "The First," published in the Writers of the Storm anthology as well as the Grissecon program booklet.

2) What genre is your favorite? Hmmm, that's hard. At the moment, I seem attracted to gender-bending fantasy as well as sci fi. I will say I don't care for any sci fi that's very tech and I like both genres to have a fair bit of sex and blood in them. I'm especially fond of books and stories staring non-humans, whether on earth or off.

3) So what then is the genre you would never ever write? Straight romance novels probably. He he. Actually probably no mysteries, Westerns, or techie SF from me.

4) Grammar snob or slob? Snob. This is why I'm entrusted as an editor with Immanion Press.

5) Favorite time period? If question is time period to write in, well... Hmmm. I'm not terribly interested in historic fiction unless it would be ancient history. In general I prefer writing either present day or something in the far (dytopian usually) future on some other planet. If something is going to be historical, like 1920s or 18th century, I can draw that in, but I'm not too interested in writing in the time setting and all its details as part of the plot. I'd rather launch into something unknown and make it up; this is why I guess I prefer the idea of doing fantasy at the moment, versus regular fiction.

6) What author would you drool to co-write with? Um, Storm Constantine. Not sure if she'd ever be interested in such, but I think it could work well.

7) Ever use a chiasmus in your writing? I had to look up the word, but yeah, I've probably done that, since it involves commas and I like commas.

8) Name in your estimation a perfect book by title and author (or, if you do not believe one exists tell us why). I've been reading a lot of really great books these past few years and I have ones I adore and love, but I remember one particular book, Calenture by Storm Constantine, that had me really raving and saying "Whoah, they should teach thing in English class!" I thought the writing and imagination was suberb (sooooooooooo out there!) and the complex structure, leading to the complex ending (can be interpreted multiple ways) was damn, damn impressive.

9) What's the most notable news story you saw or read that inspired you? Right now I'm writing a short story based on an article I read in I think the NY Times about rising rates of autism. The main character is autistic.

10) What's a weird idiosyncrasy of your writing? I can think of two. One, I have written an awful large number number of stories (and co-written book, and working on another) where the main character/s are pregnant. Two, I've noticed that my main character have a strong tendency to be artists or craftspeople -- musicians, jewelers, poets, etc. Oh, and Three, often said main characters have also been cut off from their families somehow or raised in isolation.