December 19th, 2003

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Yay, TBS

Well, my love/hate relationship with Big Media continues, as yesterday it was announced that Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), one of the biggest employers in Downtown, has once again shown a big committment to this city, this time donating $500,000 to Central Atlanta Progress towards a three-year planning and implementation project. TBS also gave their employees and resources to CAP by doing the build-out on their web site, which I've maintained on a contract basis for a year now. They're also name-sponsor on our monthly arts walk and have chosen to build new buildings, including studios, here in Atlanta, and they've renovated CNN Center too, so I give them credit as a company (inspired by Ted Turner himself, who is also committed to Downtown Atlanta) for investing in the area so much.
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Friday Five: Life's Pleasures

Ah, a good Friday Five!

1. List your five favorite beverages.

hot chocolate
chocolate milk
chocolate martini
mulled wine

Not that I'm a sybarite or anything, he he.

2. List your five favorite websites.

New York Times,, for in-depth articles
CNN,, annoying but no news junkie can do w/o it
Alternet,, counters above
LiveJournal,, to connect with friends & strangers, and muse
Google,, just a "tool" but a great one

Those are the ones that get the most hits from me, outside of web-based email.

3. List your five favorite snack foods.

If dietary content is not a factor...

any kind of berry (strawberry, blueberry, currants, etc.)
black licorice

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.

Trivial Pursuit
buidling card houses

I hate card games and most board games.

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.

Caesar II*

I hardly ever play cames on my computer, since I have other addictions.

* I bought this a couple of years ago, but daren't play it b/c even the trial was waaaaaaaaaaaay to addictive -- it's SimCity but with Ancient Romans. I love it. Maybe I'll play it when I'm self-employed... Yeah, great use of time!
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Those European chicks...

I am having a good last day.

I am also such a sucker. Went out to lunch and during lunchbreak, went to this French fashion place that just opened a couple month ago, got some really nice stuff, there was a sale... And I was not a sucker about buying the clothes, since they were nice, the sale was good and it was a deal considering they are in fact imported French goth clothes... but damn, now I have a crush on the saleswoman, who's French, from Brittany, names Marie-Lise, and talked with me for damn-near 45 minutes! I have to be sure to go back there; luckily there are all kinds of excuses like going to the nearby T-Mobile store, the Barnes & Noble, visiting my old work, etc. I'll pop in next month, see if she remembers me. She was SO cool and was encouraging me to fuck off my job and enjoying henceforce being a self-employed hedonist.

Going to leave here when it gets dark. Even got somebody helping me haul home the two bags of junk I've accumulated. It will be a fond farewell!
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Sticking a fork in it


Bwahahahaa, no more getting up at 7, no more timesheets with charage numbers to supposedly account for every second, no more project management seminars, no more annoying coworkers yapping about cars/lawns/traffic/stocks/sitcoms, no more doing marketing work for military contractors...

Bye, bye, old job!

Hello, new life!
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Libyan Grandma

I don't mean anything political by this, I just saw this picture of Gadafi on and thought, "Man, he looks like such a grandma!" LOL.

Glad to see I can still use Photoshop (which I long ago abandoned for Fireworks.)
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Froehliche Weihnachten

Had very nice time at the Goethe Institut Christmas party. I'd gone back and forth about going, since my friend Anne, who'd suggested it, told me a few days ago it had an entrance fee, but finally I decided what the heck, I'd buy my annual membership (which I needed anyway), get the member discount and then anyway contribute to a good cause. (For those who don't know, Goethe Institut is a worldwide network of German culture institutes, which mainly exist to teach German to non-native speakers who want to learn for pleasure or business. I like it because the courses go up to very high levels, moreso than my university courses. I've taken I think 3 courses at the Atlanta branch.)

Once I decided to go, I went whole-hog on getting dressed up -- wore the brand new French goth fashion I bought from that Marie-Lise earlier today, together with a velvet skirt, heavy black costume jewelry, witch shoes, PVC jacket, the works. Oh, and I got my hair to do this really cool thing I'm going to have to try and reproduce. (OK, I sound like Lestat, going over my whole outfit, sorry...)

The party at first was kind of stuffy (blame the Germans... ahem) but then as it filled up and everybody started going for the food (lots of Stollen!) and drink (Gluhwein, a.k.a. mulled red wine), it turned lots warmer.

I also made another friend... well, two actually! Standing around waiting for my friend Anne, I kept noticing this really tall attractive woman who I thought was maybe Polish... wasn't sure exactly, but I wanted to talk to her. Well, lucky me, she decided to introduce herself (since we were both alone) and we talked for over an hour, all in German. She turned out to be Anna, a tennis instructor at a nearby sports club, and originally from Croatia (thus the good looks, I guess!) I really liked her and ended up giving her my information. I sort of doubt she'll actually call or email like she said but you never know... Oh, and the second person I met was this other guy (whose name I missed) who I also talked to for over an hour. He was telling me how much he enjoyed a visit he'd made to Leipzig and how apparently there is some sort of Medieval / Gothic scene going on there. I was getting very fluent in German by that point, possibly due to dunking Stollen in my Gluhwein, and enjoyed myself. Gosh, and did I mention we also had German Christmas carols being sung? It was so fun. About the only big disappointment was that one of the people I'd come to see was Wiltrud, my erstwhile teacher at the institute. Wiltrud and I had a kind of love/hate relationship but she is really a character. I think she must have the flu not to be there, she's such a "fixture" normally.

Ach, muss ich wahrscheinlich ins Bett. Heute war ein langer Tag, obwohl ein guter. Tschuss, morgen erwache ich als freie Frau, ha ha!
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