December 21st, 2003

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Latest New York Times/CBS News

This is quite an interesting poll result...

Latest New York Times/CBS News

Look at the demographic breakdowns. According to this, young, Catholic Democrat women from the Western U.S. with gay friends are most likely to favor gay marriage. And the most ardent opponents would be old Southern Republican white men bigots... There is the cultural divide. (I do wonder about breakdown among racial and ethnic lines, although I know there are million ways to slice it and it is all too complex to really show with stats, however fascinating and satisfying it is.)
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A different view I guess

Hmmm, this writer for the NY Times (which gave RotK about 20 stars) claims LotR is the opposite of a chick flick and boring. Opinions do differ but anyway, the link for those interested...

Are Women Just Bored of the 'Rings'?

The final entry in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy reveals once more that what the chick flick is to men, this trilogy is to women — or at least to a large secret society of us for whom the series is no more than a geek-fest, a technologically impressive but soulless endurance contest.

Weirdest quote to me in this is: Who would have thought that Peter Jackson would direct such soulless films?

...Em, er... what?!

P.S. The power of the chocolate covered espresso beans lives on. Frodo really could have used some of this while he was on that mountain.
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Queer Eye for RotK

Sign you have just seen RotK with two gay men:

Within 30 seconds of leaving theater, they are discussing which of the guys was the hottest (with caveat that they'd look better with short hair) and pining the unfulfilled undying love of Sam and Frodo.

Enrique and Caleb seemed most set on that bearded soldier with the horse helmet and the (to me) beady eyes, the one who tells Merry he can't go off to war. I personally thought Pippin was the cutest, he he, though Legolas, despite being played by I guess a dumb actor, really is very nice to look at.
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You Make the Call...

OK, I have this weird thing going on, and it's really bothering me, but I keep thinking "This is JUST in your head" and Caleb said I sound NUTS when I describe the symptoms, but it's happened several times (and in happening right now) and I really want to know: a) stress-related or b) some weird lung thing.

Basically, what happens is that I seem to forget to breath and my body seems not to care. I will just be sitting or lying down and notice that after I exhale, it's like I don't care, there is no impulse to inhale. In fact, I just sit there, and can sit for 10-20 seconds, and I don't feel I have to breath. I'm not "holding" my breath either. I get a strange feeling, like if I stop breathing things will be OK, I'll just be this special new breed of creature that doesn't need air. Now, after 20 seconds, I do get this feeling (rather too weak, IMO!) that I need to breath, and so I do. I take a big gulp of air. But then every time I have to be consciously doing it, or I have this desire just to not breathe.

It's so INSANE, I know, because breathing is a function of the autonomic nervous system, like your heart beating... but I swear, that's how I keep feeling -- like I'm going to just stop breathing. It first happened to me on the trip to Germany and the first few days we were there. It happened again last night and I was so SCARED, I couldn't sleep. I was in my bed worried if I fell to sleep I'd die. I do know that this is something I "slip into" and then I'll get better and it won't be a problem, but while it's happening I don't know what to do. I woke up this morning with it and still have it. I keep feeling like I need really BIG breaths of air, like I'm not getting enough air, but it doesn't fix anything to breath. I also tried a puff of my inhaler, felt a bit better but not much.

Caleb says a doctor would laugh at me and say I had too much time to worry on my hands. I am simply going to get on with my day and hope I will get distracted and not notice this whatever it is.
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Well, getting my ducks in a row for self-employment, am relieved that I seem to have got all my insurance set up and not too pricey either. For around $230/month I have health, dental and disability insurance.

The only other kind of insurance I used to have from my work is life insurance but I'm wondering what the point is, since I'm single and don't see the point of paying money so somebody can get money if I die. (If anybody can explain what other point there might be, please do. I bet the policy is actually quite cheap, and it's "portable" so I can easily keep it, but I'm not paying if there's no point.)

Anyway, I feel good I was able to get the insurance taken care of. Everything should be the exact same as before, since all I did was switch from corporate to individual, and really it's not a bad price since I'm just single.