December 22nd, 2003

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OK, well, time to go! Got 1 o'clock flight to Boston.

My body is totally confused temp wise, because it's hot in my house, suddenly warm outside, I've packed cold weather clothes, probably it'll be cold but it might NOT be, and in any case, I'm going to get heat rash. Winter travel is really annoying. Anyway, didn't get done every single thing I wanted to get done before I left (chiefly, some dealings with my web hosting company) but oh, well, I did everything that *had* to be done. And this morning I even managed to burn a CD for my nephew Will as his present -- only took me about 20 minutes since I was only recording Beatles and not like it's hard to find fun tracks.

I'm sure to log in here from Boston, albeit less frequently. Everybody keep your heads above water / snow, as it were!

happy disorganization...

aargh, this year's christmas is soooooo messed up!

this bothers me, as i'm really big on routine as far as christmas goes. we've done the same thing since i was born and i hate when things get messed up. i can take a *little* bit of change, like one family can't be here or we go to church earlier or something...

but now i'm here and there are all sorts of complications since it seems my siblings, who all are driving distance, have all these reasons they can't be here christmas eve. some involve sickness which is valid, but it's still annyoying. so far the only sure bets for christmas eve are me, my parents, my brother tom, his wife cathy and their son owen. all the rest will come at some point later, depending on sickness or convenience. *sigh*

good thing i'm here 'til new year's, so i can wait around!

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