December 23rd, 2003

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Boston Accent

You know you're in the Boston area... when the store Santa and the local supermarket is going around to people going "Hi, howwah you? Enjoying our Christmas pahty here at Mahket Basket?"

He he. Gotta say, it's when I go to places like Market Basket that I hear people talk and am amazed I don't have that same accent. But I don't*. My accent changes depending on the people around me and the situation. I can make my voice sound like voicemail, or I can go to a Boston deli and sound like everybody else, or I can sound Southern or like a foreign exchange student -- and I don't even try. But when I'm at the deli counter at MB, *everybody* has got these *thick* accents, either Boston or Southern New Hampshire and I get a bit giddy and incredulous hearing some of the pronunciations. (Think Good Will Hunting or interviews with New Kids if you have trouble imagining.) I think the main reason I didn't get that accent is because my parents are from the Bronx and I got *that* accent instead. (I have a tape of myself from when I was 7, and hadn't been around other people much, and I sounded like a little kid from the Bronx.)

* Although I still say "awesome," "wicked awesome," "wicked good," "wicked cool" and all that stuff still... a wicked lot.