December 27th, 2003

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Hangin' Out in New England

Been having a nice couple of days now that my two sisters and their kids showed up. Also got OUT OF THE HOUSE finally!

Last night Mom and Nancy and I went to North Andover and did some bargain shopping at Marshall's -- got myself 3 pairs of *nice* tights plus a fancy picture frame for the grand total of $15 (what it often costs for one pair of tights in the U.S.)

Today we (me, Nancy, Mom and 15-year-old niece & nephew) got away from bargain shopping and instead headed to Salem (Mass.), where there's a really nice mix of antique shops, Wiccan / New Age shops, and shops specializing in Renaissance / Victorian clothing & accesories. Also lots of what my friend Marja calls "tacky shops" and Storm calls "tat shops." Representative of this, I got myself a nice gothy type bracelet, a pair of black/white "jester tights," and three kinds of incense. We were shopping right in the historic downtown of Salem, quite nice. After pizza at the tacky little mall they have there in the center, meandered back to car with a big detour at an antique market, where my sister wound up buying this really nice Victorian oval table which was, incredibly, only $100. She had to have the guy hold it for her b/c she has to come back for it later with a bigger (and empty) car, but wow, what a deal.

It was really nice to spend time with Nancy, Mom and the niece & nephew, since we don't fight, no little kids, and no grumpy Dad.

I really like Ian especially; last night I had a conversation with him about Wicca and Reiki and obviously HIS mom (unlike Ashley's mom, my sister Carolyn) is not raising his kid to think Wicca means devil-worship and crap. He thought Reiki sounded like it might work, although he agreed with me that the whole "crystal charging" thing I was reading about in my Reiki book sounded flakey. I'm looking forward to having him visit me this summer. Ashley is cool too, but she has picked up some stuff from her mom and dad that annoys me and I also feel like if I talk to her too much her mom will think I'm corrupting her. (In fact I *did* do this today, as I told her once she was in college she could buy any of the "forbidden" things she wanted -- anything Wiccan, or wands or daggers -- and just hide them when Mom & Dad visit campus, he he.)

Anyway, looks like tonight I'll get to see RotK again, with Ian, Nancy and maybe my mom, plus others. Dad won't be going b/c it's too long and he'll sleep through, plus he probably has to watch the two young kids.

Yay! I was starting to get realllllly tired of being in house :)
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Whoo ha! More RotK Ravings...

Well, my day ended with a nice bang.

After all that shopping and walking about, I was a bit "wiped," but eventually regrouped once my sister Carolyn organized a spaghetti buffet to feed the troops.

After some haggling and arranging of babysitting duties, Nancy took Ian and I out to Lawrence to see RotK... wheeeeeeeee! Was great to see it again in a GOOD theater -- I realized I'd misunderstood / completely missed some dialogue and with the HUGE screen, I caught a lot of details I couldn't see the first time. Also got to examine the things I saw before, only this time with more time to really think (and having seen all the cool "behind the scenes" stuff on the LotR web site, like how the virtual horses were done.)

Among the things that struck me this time was a) soldiers on all sides looking *terrified*, which was such a great touch of realism, and b) that Pippin really *is* cute and in some way alluring (thought it the first time, this time I was going "Gosh, his eyelashes are nice...") The hard thing of course is that I think I have to go see it *again*. I'm going in to Boston in a couple days and I may bring with me a list of showtimes, so if I get tired I can just find a theater and sit down... a while :)
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