December 28th, 2003

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Itchy, Sleepy, Thoughtful

No, the subject header doesn't refer to new Dwarves I've made up, but to how I've felt today.

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This vacation has been great as far as me making up on lost leisure time -- been having nice walks, watching lots of movies and other stuff on TV, and sleeping quite a bit.

Today I watched About Schmidt; found it so damn depressing I ended up going on another walk in that forest. I climbed up the big rocks and then climbed through a bramble field and found a whole bunch more and climbed those. Biiiiiig boulders! Afterward I ended up watching the end of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which I've always loved, and part of a movie with Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor set in the Civil War... beofre knocking off for while on the couch upstairs :) After dinner I went back upstairs and watched Dragonfly, which was suprisingly good. I kept expecting it to get annoying or to get really sick of Kevin Costner (not a fav actor!), but it kept on being good the whole way through. Even had a surprise ending, reminding me almost of Signs. As if I hadn't watched enough TV, ended up subsequently watching the 2nd and 3rd parts of that awesome Dickens documentary on PBS -- wow! (Of course I wouldn't have watched it all except my mom was on the Internet from 8 to 11 and my dad was in the bathtub for over an hour. Funny how I find other things to do when I must...)

I guess one other thing to note of my recent doings is the terribly itching. Almost needless to say, parents' house is driving me up the wall with allergens -- chiefly dust I think. I'm itching all over, pins and needles almost, got all these bloody noses from my nose clogging up, plus some kind of heat rash from the house being too hot all the time. If this keeps up I'm going to buy a colloidal oatmeal bath... eek!

Tomorrow I'm going to Boston -- finally! Actually I think I'm more likely to visit Cambridge, as Caleb pointed out how I always go the same places and I did have a nice walk on Mass Ave. a while back that wanted me to visit Central Square and some places. Should be nice wherever I end up going.