December 29th, 2003

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If all the thermostats are set for 65 in this house (and the one in the bedroom I'm in is set to be off) and the coal stove isn't even running, why does it feel like it's 90???!!! I have been so hot since I got here. Every night I wake myself up, I get so hot. I don't have have fever, but I think the house does! It's not cold out, but I can't see why I'm so freakin' out. Maybe it has to do with being so tired, like my metabolism is doing something weird? Who knows. All I know is I'm probably taking a shower before bed so I can get to sleep, maybe stop the itching too!
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Cantabridgean Tales and More

Another day, another day of adventures. I left the house! He he.

Today was the day I finally got in to Boston. Thank God, as I've bee waiting six days! I had a very satisfying day. Caught the train around 10:45 from Ballardvale and got in to Boston around 11:15, then from there I took the T over to Cambridge.

Cambridge isn't like anyplace else I know really -- got a mixture of the academic, the hippie, the hipster, the crassly commercial, the yuppie, kind of all mixed in together. I really just wandered around at first; even wandered in to a T-Mobile shop where this cute tattooed dyke (yeah, love Cambridge) finally fixed the problem with my phone's voicemail. Then I was on my mobile with Caleb for a bit -- and he told me what VPS shots to take :)

Next fed the addiction by going to Wordsworth's and got a couple books I wanted, including 2004 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market and a very nice, small, succinct grammer book (to help me as a copy editor). Over at The Garage I had lunch at a deli and then went up to Pandemonium Books, where I not only got a copy of LeGuin's Birthday of the World (which I realllllly wanted), I made good connnections for Immanion Press. It was also nice to find a shop that stocks all Storm's U.S. releases from Meisha Merlin and Stark House. Yay, boooooks!

I wandered a while more and finally ended up repeating a feat I carried out a couple of years ago, walking from Harvward Square up Mass. Ave., over the Charles River and then through Boston all the way to North Station. On the way I enjoyed life on Mass. Ave., start the LeGuin book (on a bench on the Esplanade), went over to Trident to look at alt. health books, then strolled down Newbury Street and through the Public Gardens and Boston Common. While the area between there and the station has its share of truly awful Urban Renewal gov't buildings, it's also got some fine stuff as well and as usual I enjoyed it. My feet were reallllllllllly sore by the end though, as I think I walked around 4 miles.

The train was only a few minutes wait at the station. I called Mom and she picked me up from Reading. Afterward we went to a fabric store and I could not resist getting this 2 1/2 yard remnant of shimmer-decorated black stretch velvet that is MADE for a cape or a very cool tablecloth. I have to decide which it will be, and figure out how to make it, but at $22 I couldn't let it escape.

Tonight has been, well, not soooooo great. I kept on with the LeGuin book and love it, and actually I think when I read her stuff it really stronly reminds me of what I plan on writing myself and a lot of my interests coincide. But I couldn't live in fantasy all night -- had to sit through dinner and a post-dinner 20-30 (endless to me!) discussion/rant led by my father, who was making justifications for the way he's treated my brother and how Tom has no reason to be mad and Dad has never done or said anything mean to him ever in his life. *Groan* I thought for sure *I'd* end up fighting with Dad by the end of it, but I managed to dodge the bullets. Damn, that man is soooooooo stubborn!

Tomorrow's plans are not set, but I'm thinking of going to Boston and then taking the train down to Providence. I've been there only a little and it's supposed to be quite nice. We'll see how it goes.
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Two random bits

OK, so my mom just told me shut up b/c my talking was interrupting the final episode of Bravo's "Boy Meets Boy" and she's "into it." Um... What? I think TV has been good for her. I remember trying to watch Maurice once in college and she was squirming the whole time.

And reminding me somehow... funny story my sister Carolyn told about her 9-year-old daughter Genevieve:

Recently she was playing or something and all of a sudden said to her mom, dead serious: "Opa and Oma must have had a lot of sex." Carolyn asked her how she had come to this conclusion and she promptly said: "Well, look at the 5 kids they had!" And Carolyn said (so she reported): "Well, at least 5 times then." Meanwhile my parents laughed and said the little girl wasn't far off. (Personally, unlike my siblings, I never ever heard them or walked in on them or any such thing, so naturally I'm skeptical.)
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