December 30th, 2003


I shouldn't *wake up* with a headache

Not going to Providence. Too ambitious considering how crap I feel. Woke up with a headache, stuffy nose (well, per usual, not a cold), feeling awful. May go to Newburyport with my mom. Like that town, just got to stay away from any more bookshops.

Meantime, been reading that Birthday of the World book by Ursula LeGuin. Brilliant stuff. I love the stories in it -- it's all made-up anthopology. I'm really interested in writing stuff like that, although not the same style. She seems to do things really low-key, whereas I am more dramatic. She also includes either whole stories or sections within stories which read like fables or myths, which I don't think I'd tend to do so much, even though I like reading it. But the sort of themes and conflicts are ones that I like reading and exploring.

Needless to say, I can hardly *wait* to get going writing again. Keeping myself from it has been hard, although no doubt good for me.
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Making Me Homesick

I had a very nice day with my mom today, going out to Newburyport followed by a short stop out at Plum Island and another at a consignment shop in Rowley.

In Newburyport we went in all kinds of nice jewelry, import, antique, gallery and bookshops -- and of course predictably I got a book, what looked to be a good guide on being your own literary agent and working the publishing industry. Mom and I also had a nice lunch at this very old-fashioned soda joint / magazine stand place, with yummy sandwiches and soups, plus frappes (yay, frappes!). I'd actually say Newburyport reminds me a lot of England, particularly Royal Tunbridge-Wells, if it were on the ocean. This amuses me b/c I thought it was like England before I'd ever been there. Now I know it's true!

Going to Plum Island was wonderful as well; great idea Mom had driving over there, very thoughtful, as she knows I always complain I never ever see the ocean. We found a convenient outlet and walked for a bit on the beach, picking seashells and looking out into the big freezing dark ocean. On the way home we went to a consignment shop in Rowley that had some quite good treasures, particuarly clothing, but I certainly picked up enough stuff on this trip, and soon I'll be on a strict budget, so no more shopping.

I will say one thing that was a trifle sad about this whole trip is that on the drive home, as we went over hill and dale, through places like Newbury, Rowley, Georgetown, etc., is that I started to get actually homesick -- not for Atlanta but for here. Not that I haven't been homesick before for the north, but normally I'm homesick for Boston or New York or cities, not these quiet Cape Anne "essence of New England" type places. But driving around, I remembered how much I like all the 200-300-year old farmhouses, the salt marshes, the crazy forests, the old inns, the antique shops. I also like how you can drive 25 mph a lot of places and that's actually the speed limit. I seriously doubt I'll ever end up living in this particular section of the country again (if I go north, I've long planned Albany or Troy) but on future visits, I'll make sure we do go out on these nice drives.

P.S. I love my mom, she is very nice to me.
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Question: Am I the ONLY one who NEVER heard of "Number One" / "Number Two" being used as a euphemism until somebody explained it to them as an ADULT?

In the past Caleb, the one who explained it to me originally, I think, has told me I MUST have heard this, every schoolkid uses this at school, teachers use it, etc., but I never, ever heard of this. Is this why Capt. Picard calling Lt. Riker "Number One" was funny? Considering that language is my thing, I think if this had been a phrase bandied about in my school, I would have heard it.

Also, curious if this is a distinctly American thing. I've met tons of people who grew up with this, from many parts of the country, but I'm not sure about, say, England.
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