January 1st, 2004

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Nice end to 2003, welcome 2004

Well, had a nice New Year's Eve with my parents. While we didn't get to see any relatives or go to a party or go to First Night in Boston (not an activity my dad can handle healthwise), we had our own fun.

First we hunted down a theater playing Master and Commander -- tough since it's not opened in a lot of theaters yet. Wasn't at the nearest one, Lawrence, so we went to Methuen, then waited through a long line only to be told, by a cute lesbian cashier* that there were only 11 seats left unsold and we'd end up sitting in the front row if we bought tickets. So we took off to Danvers, what turned out to be a 25-minute ride, but no line, theater wasn't even full there since they had about 3 showings just tonight. Enjoyed the movie very much, appreciated the straight-forwardedness of the narrative, liked the relationship between the captain and the doctor, thought those young blond boys were sweet even though tough. Also noticed (Hobbit) Billy Boyd in there, Pretty Eyes strikes again.

Movie let out around 11:10 and so we sped home, luckily down deserted highways and roads. (I was greatly relieved since I have an absolute terror of alcohol-related auto crashes and really didn't want this year to end on a really BAD note! I was having paranoid thoughts the whole way home.) Once home, made up a tray of dip w/salsa, tortilla chips, a shrimp ring w/sauce, then sparkling cider & alcohol-free Zinfandel (which tasted like "wine juice," IMHO). Most memorable moment as far as New Year's TV coverage was the Tonight Show, where we caught Tom Jones doing a cover of "Burning Down the House." (Also memorable was Dad's comment on Tom's appearace: "I can't tell it's him, he looks black." WTF?) But we all chinked glasses, it was fun. They're very happy I came and visited so long. Me too.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

* This is the 3rd or 4th time on this trip I've run into a cute lesbian cashier. (And yes, making assumptions but damn, my lesbian-dar was developed in Massachusetts, I think I'm qualified.) It's one of those things that bug the crap out of me about Georgia -- I hardly ever see any women I'd identify as being queer. Maybe there are lesbian cashiers all over in Atlanta, but they're all blond with long hair. Hmmph. Probably all the cuties are out in the suburbs with the majority of skater boys. Or maybe I should go scouting GSU sometime. Just to look. I like to look!
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I have to say, all the "Be Your Own Boss," "Work at Home," "Quit Your Job Today" and "Hate Your Boss?" spam emails are just making me smile nowadays, as I cheerfully delete* them. Now I will be my own boss working at home, having quit my job and hated my boss. Whoo hoo!

I'm even worrying less about some financial stuff bugging me, since Caleb pointed out a flaw in my plans that means I'll be able to have a larger share of my gross income and my overall minimum gross won't need to be so high. Just need to finalize the minimum "lean month" budget more and have Caleb and my consult review it, then I'll feel more confident and know what I have to do.

* Will be glad to be home tomorrow with my McAfee SpamKiller software killing my spam automatically instead of me having to manually "shovel" as I do when I'm away from home using web mail. I've figured out I get about 100 emails a day (90/100 spam) a day, and got to shovel least twice a day or it gets to much of a pain to get to the real mail. Gah.

hangover from non-alcoholic wine?

ug. i had a lousy time sleeping last night. it was kind of the same feeling i used to have when i took allegra-d -- that feeling of having had like 5 cups of espresso with way too much sugar. i was so restless and hot and, man, the dreams! i kept dreaming stuff related to master and commander, like that the ambassador from france (who looked like napoleon) moved in next door. i also kept having this annoying thought about how last night watching the movie, i kept expecting billy boyd to be like 3 feet tall like in lotr, lol. i couldn't get it in my head he was regular sized!
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