January 2nd, 2004



I'm home in Atlanta. It's OK I guess, feels SO weird not to have to go back to that job and have instead this CHASM of OTHER STUFF yawning before me.

And speaking of yawning... bedtime!
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Suburban Hell

I think it's a pretty well known among anyone who knows me that I have serious problems with the suburbs. Well, today I got another reminder of why that is. Granted, I was just up with my family, who live in a suburban area, and it's got its gruesome spots, but nowhere near the level of the horror that is Gwinnett County and other suburban areas surrounding Atlanta. It's really nothing short of horrific.

Caleb and I went out there so he could take some pictures in downtown Lawrenceville (the actual historic county seat, a real town, there long before all the horror), and while Lawrenceville was nice (we had lunch and did some antique shopping), the rest of it was like prequel to the apacalpypse! Beaver Ruin Road, Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Satellite Boulevard, Pleasant Hill... Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus, it's just far as the eye can see, hills going up and down covering in sprawl and sprawl and sprawl, cheap strip malls, auto repair, mega-stores, restaurants, car dealerships, shoddy ticky-tack homes, suburban ghetto apartments.

Caleb even took me to this 20-year-old suburban area that's gone truly ghetto and it was as nasty as what people think of being in city projects, including garbage on lawns, dead cars, and a high likelihood of drug and gang activity. It was totally ugly and gross.

On top of that, I find it impossible to figure out any sense of direction or plan to any of it -- it's like society just threw up and out came all this gross puke which just gets more disgusting with time. Good development looks good with time, bad development degrades into nothing more than the shitty siding and woodpulp it started as, asphalt crumpling up, strip centers falling down and down until nobody will shop at them, they'll only go to "nicer places" even farther out. They should just all come IN and find the nice places, IMO...

I'm fine with inner city and the country, but I cannot STAND what's in between. Good thing I only leave the city limits a few times a year.
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As Promised... Into The Woods (Part 1)

Well, now that I'm back, I've got all those woods pictures I promised in this post. I'm going to split this up into three posts, to keep it saner.

These pictures were taken on two different days, Christmas Day and then Dec. 28. I've put them in order going from the start of the trail to the end; from the first day there are pictures I took on the second half of the trip, as I walked home over local roads.

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Into The Woods (Part 2)

Part 2 is only a short post... featuring those famous

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Incidentally, these are all different walls. I can't even say how "many" walls run through the tract of land I was on. They run up hills and down again, across flat area, across streams. Some include big bolders, some are smaller stones. A few nearly intersect, some intersect totally.