January 4th, 2004

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IE minimizing... why?!

OK, I have been dealing with a stupid problem with my IE for a few weeks, wondering if anybody knows a fix (besides stopping use it).

The problem is, while I can get a main window to come up maximized, almost any time I click a link and it goes to a new window, or any time I click a link in an email or reply to an emailed LJ post, the new window comes up on the main Windows screen, only as minimized. Like, way in the right or left, top or bottom, window pops up but it's not open at all, it's just the top bar with the title. 3/4 of the time, I don't even see the window's open! So I have to maximize. The location of the window seems random. Also, I don't know what started it doing this. It's happened before and fixed itself "at random." Gah.

Incidentally, at home on my mom's computer, I tried out Netscape 7.1-something... It was nice, seemed to actualy work faster than the stupid IE 5.5 on her machine -- and any bit of "fast" helps when you're at 28.8! Anyway, also adored the tab feature. Yeah, yeah, I know I should use that or Opera instead of Microsoft but... bookmarks, honey, bookmarks, plus I know from my browser stats that over 85% of web users use IE and since I test my sites for users, mainly I'd want to work in IE. But maybe I could use Netscape for personal cruising...

Blah. To bed with me!
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anxiety-induced insomnia. gotta love it. er, not.

i am, as the english say, doing poorly at the moment. my mind keeps filling up with all this anxiety about all this business start-up work i have to do ("i need to do this and this is and this" / "what if i fail?!"), and to make it worse, my heart is beating faster than normal and is like a drum in my ears, so i can't sleep. i'm having ridiculous thoughts about how i could die in my sleep, i need to tell caleb some final wishes type stuff, totally freaking out.

if i can get away with it, i'm going to spend most of tomorrow just organizing the office, so everything is filed and ready to go, at least the physical stuff. hopefully doing something to alleviate situation bothering me will lessen the anxiety. i really hate it. it's like i threw away my security... and i know i have security in myself and my abilities, yes, but somehow i am still freaking out.

somebody shut my brain off please so i can go to sleep... i tried reiki-ing myself, but the peace i attained only last like 10 seconds, then it came back. it's like some kind of terrible monster.
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Binge and Purge

I've been purging -- um, organizing! -- the office since 8 a.m. and it's something that really makes me hate myself. Why do I accumulate such CRAP?! Anyway, I'm at the point where I've removed most of the stuff that was loose about the room and organized/filed it. Now comes the every-six-months dusting/vacuuming/washing and then all the stuff will be put away, something which luckily takes a lot less time that taking it all out and organizing it.

Meanwhile, style advice: Is there *anything* I can do with 25 strings of Mardi Gras (actually Pride) necklaces that isn't tacky as hell? If not, I'll just put them in a bag in my costume cubby. I had them hanging up all over my office at work and going through the bags of office junk I brought home, I found them.
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Yet another item of clothing I can't wear...

...at least until I lose some weight!

This afternoon I was up at Perimeter Mall with Caleb and Enrique and when I walked into the Gap, there were these two black teenagers standing in line. One of them whispers loudly to the other "Oh, look, she's pregnant!" So this pink H&M skirt, which due so it's clinginess draws attention to my "bump" like almost no other garment I own, is going to go AWOL like a large portion of the rest of my wardrobe.

Of course, even when I was thinner, my bump was always there giving people "ideas." During the grand opening of a new hospital building, I visited the maternity ward and two nurses were obviously assuming I was pregnant... and in the WORST instance, this French guy was asking me when I was due. Last week I was telling my sisters about my clothing issue (no pants fit) and they suggested I look at maternity pants. (That is so wrong!) I remember years ago when I got all the way down to around 170 or so, the bump was still there -- definitely the area my body MOST desires there to be fat!

Maybe nature just balances though. I have ZERO ass. If you took a T-square with a level on it and put it up to my "butt" the bubble would be almost in the middle. I think it might be 1 degree off vertical. I wonder what it would look like if somehow I could turn around my pelvis. (I've tried putting on my undies backwards and found it's the only way the waistline goes straight across. Maybe I could get pregnant undies, they might work...)
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