January 5th, 2004

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Praised Be Reiki !

As I go to bed tonight, I just realized I totally forgot to mention what finally happened to me last night -- it's pretty amazing!

After becoming rather frantically anxious & distraught, posted to LJ around 3 a.m. -- couldn't sleep, totally anxious, upset, couldn't do Reiki on myself, etc.

Within one or two minutes of posting, while browsing something or other online, I quite suddenly felt this huge rush of... Reiki! It seemed to flow from my head down through my body, almost like somebody had poured a big bucket of nice warm water on me. I immediately felt my anxiety melt away -- I was suddenly "OK." The crazy thoughts suddenly diminished, like somebody turning the volume down on a stereo. I suddenly thought "Hmm, just get up tomorrow, do what you *can*, it'll be OK."

Not wanting to waste this gift, since for all I knew, it was just going to be a short window of calm, I went straight to bed. At that point, with my eyes closed, I saw/felt a green energy mist that seemed to be working on me, filling me and making me calm and sleepy. For me green is a common color to see; I find I associate it with healing, especially of the non-physical kind. After a few moments, I also saw some red things trying to flare up, but I squashed them with green because I felt the red things were hot and full of fire -- they were the stress and bad thoughts coming back. Things stayed green and I felt asleep.

Today I had hardly any of the anxiety I had yesterday. True, I spent around 8 hours digging out my office, but really I just feel as though somebody (somebody who read my post? some other miracle worker?!) sent me Reiki and got rid of the problem.

Well, thank you to WHOEVER!

P.S. If anyone reading this is wondering "What the hell is Reiki?" here's a link to an explanation by Serenity Reiki (Storm Constantine). (Includes the quote: "Reiki can help greatly with stress-related conditions such as insomnia, panic attacks and anxiety." Amen!) I should also say, I received Level I and Level II Reiki last May.
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As my last, last thought before bed... I think it'll get funny with me posting about trying to lose weight given my default icon.

I swear, though, today when we went to the diner, with all its yummy food (ruebens, pastries, etc.) all I got to eat was a very boring grilled chicken sandwich with basically nothing on it but some salad fixings. I donated my fries to Caleb and passed on everything else.
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I think this is THE ONE

After browsing for a few weeks, now that I'm just ready to buy a guinea pig, tonight I found THE ONE. I called Caleb right away, going to reserve her so I can have her when she's ready at the end of the month (she's 3 months old and I think they're keeping her 'til she's a bit bigger). Hopefully she's still available!

Anyway, here is YIN YANG, who has what I consider perfect fur (Abyssinian whorls) and has the COOLEST (namesake) marking on her back!