January 6th, 2004


Anemic with really rosy cheeks, ha ha

I've had at least one nose bleed every day for like 3 weeks. Who thinks I should resume taking my iron pills? Got to be a drain on my blood supply! I already bought apricots; vitamin C is needed for better absorbtion. Of course, the root issue is, why is my nose STILL so irritated? The reason I get these nosebleeds is that my nose is so stuff and I have to clear it all the time and in so doing, nose gets traumatized and irritated. Supposedly my sinuses are OK, but ugh, my nose is still quite unhappy about something.
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Cutie Update

Well, the shelter emailed me back about YinYang.

Things are still on track, although the woman from the shelter tells me YinYang won't be available until the end of the month because she's on "pregnancy watch" -- she arrived with three brothers and two sisters, and there's always the possiblity she could have gotten pregnant living with the boys. Ah, well, hope for my sake she's *not*.

Another thing the woman said was that I should get a pair instead of one. I don't know how I feel about that. I really only want one and since I'm going to be home all day, the loneliness issue isn't so big. Plus I got two birds for that same reason and it backfired b/c they have no need for me and don't like me. And if I had two I'd need a bigger cage and while I can handle a good size single cage, bigger than that is going to be tough. I told the woman I wasn't so sure about a pair and would just like one. Hopefully the woman doesn't think I'm selfish or something.
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Q's about Trillian

I finally got Trillian a couple of days ago. I like it b/c now I only need one chat client and I can do custom status messages. However, there are a couple of things that bug me and I'm wondering if anybody reading this uses Trillian and knows the answers. One thing is, I don't see any option to be "invisible," which is something I used to do a LOT previously, like when I simply wanted to know who was offline/offline and would only be visibible if I wanted to chat. The other thing is, how do I save my chats? With my prior messengers, I'd do a Save As, don't see that with Trillian though and I *need* that function. There's something else that bugs me but I can't think what it is.
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Shameless plug

Um, I meant to do this, then forgot.

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Meanwhile, I have GOT to eat, I am starving here... My agenda got a bit off today. I did get a lot of "afternoon" stuff done in the morning, though.
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Pushing my patience to the borderline...

If Human Rights Campaign calls me ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to call the ACLU and claim my privacy rights have been violated. It's not even that I have anything against HRC's overall goals, but that group's fundraising & schmoozing tacts & entire culture disgust me -- gala dinners at $100/plate, calling me up asking for "small donation" of $176, etc. If I wanted to be around people like that, I'd be out fundraising for the Bush campaign... I understand they need money but treating everybody like they have to be a high-roller to "belong" and making their group like a "club" -- friggin' annoying and wrong!
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A boss with an obedient employee, myself

I haven't been posting as much here as I used to do while at my old job -- been too busy and too focused on getting stuff done! Which is a good thing, and feels like a good thing too.

It's going to take me a few weeks to really adjust to this new lifestyle, I think, but already I am getting the hang of some things. I think one of the strangest sensations I get are ones where I suddenly realize I've slipped into thinking I have a boss or some sort of office rule system to conform to. For example, I got irritated with myself for not following today's agenda exactly time-wise -- had to shuffle some stuff around, put one task later than I'd planned -- but then this voice in my head suddenly went, "Hey, who cares? WHO is waiting on you? You are not 'late' if nobody is expecting you! And nobody's is waiting on your tasks but you, you don't HAVE a supervisor!" LOL, got to get my mind de-programmed, I guess, been living in that system too long.

Anyway, I did in fact want to put down some notes on what I've been up to. First off, I've been operating based on the idea of an "agenda." I did one for yesterday and today and will probably stick to this system for a while. What I do is write out a rough plan for the day of what work, errands and other stuff I want to do. I plan out when I'm going to run errands, when I want to eat, when I need to make certain calls, etc. As I complete the tasks, I cross them off, and if any tasks come up during the day, I write them onto the sheet. Then when the day is over, I take stock of what's left on the sheet and move it onto a new daily agenda. Just because I'm home doesn't mean I don't have an office routine. This business (um, me!) will go bust if I'm not organized!

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