January 7th, 2004

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Help me out, I'm confused

Am I the only one who finds Bush's whole announcement about illegal workers both surprising and confusing? I mean, to me it seems to run counter to just about anything he's ever said and a lot of things people in the GOP have said. Seems like it would get his friends really mad. Of course, the cynical part of me sees the whole thing as a ploy to maybe hook immigrant voters.

Oddly, none of the articles I've seen make any mention of this policy announcement as being unusual -- it's like Bush has been friends with immigrants forever and is just dying to get people into this country! Maybe that analysis will come later, or maybe I'll just have to wait for something on Alternet.
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He he...

I just got an email from my contract company reminding me to turn in my timesheet... LOL. I wrote back and said "Um, I don't work for you anymore." My representatives knew that, but apparently accounting didn't and had been bugging them about it.
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I've been wanting to post something about the whole Dean vs. the whole rest of the Dems thing going on, but now I'll just link to this article:

Unelectable, My Ass!
By Arianna Huffington

Like [Robert] Kennedy, Dean's campaign was initially fueled by his anti-war outrage. Like Kennedy, Dean has found himself fighting not just to represent the Democratic Party but to remake it. Like Kennedy, Dean is offering an alternative moral vision for America, not just an alternative political platform.

And like Kennedy, Dean has come under withering attack from his critics for the very attributes that his supporters find most attractive.

"He could be intemperate and impulsive... the image of wrath – his forefinger pointing, his fist pounding his palm, his eyes ablaze." Sean Hannity on Howard Dean? No, Theodore White on Bobby Kennedy in "The Making of the President 1968."

And another thing Dean has, a parallel -- charisma.
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...working on doing another online survey thingy for Caleb's company, taking a brain break after pulling first 50 pics out of PowerPoint, resizing them and naming the files...

So some randoms...

This story about George Harrison's doctor allegedly forcing him to autograph a guitar on his deathbed is pretty darn SICK. Even if that part's not true, the part about the doctor blabbing stuff about his patient to the press w/o permission is icky as well.

Here in Atlanta, Earthlink (Mindspring) just announced they're letting go another 1400 working or something like that -- like 35% of their employees. That's nasty. Coke let go a lot of people last year too, so did Delta, so did... Yeah.

My birds have been too quiet this week, even today, when it's sunny out. I can't figure it out. Maybe they won't sit on the window sit because the radiant heat is so cold, but what about singing? I know winter is NOT their season, but still...

Spent a bunch of time yesterday reading up on guinea pigs. In particular, I read a lot about toys and things they do for fun. I can tell already I'll enjoy making things for them and shopping at Salvation Army for 5-cent toys. Apparently guinea pigs are really happy with things like old socks, oven mitts, towels, not to mention cardboard boxes, newspaper, Quaker Oats cartons, and anything else they can chew up or snuggle inside. One very cute thing I saw pictures of is guinea pigs carrying their loot around -- like taking a stuffed animal around with them and then lying on it like a pillow. I think they are just very small, very furry 2-year-olds.

I still haven't done my company budgeting and stuff but oh, well. At the moment I'm still waiting on my QuickBooks software to arrive (man, they are slow with shipping!) as well as some office supplies. Got my brochure to do as well but doing the client work is a priority, since that's immediate money.

*Ramble Ends*
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Two bits of news:

1) Got my first royalty statement from book sales on Breeding Discontent. I was rather underwhelmed. In fact, that's an understatment. I had very low expectations anyway and we certainly didn't do the book for money but still, I had to reread it a few times to believe it. *However*, I cheer myself up by remembering what I recently read in a book talking about royalty statements, which is that there's often a considerable lag between sales and when the sales show up on the statement. It has to do with the distribution chain and everything. I can *also* cheer myself up with the fact that my royalties from editing 4 other Wraeththu books were considerably larger, which is cool.

2) Just filled out the official guinea pig adoption questionairre. I hope they accept me. The one thing I'm nervous about is how I don't have a vet. Hopefully they tell me to just go find one and let them know who. In the listings I found one in Decatur that handles guinea pigs but I need to call them I guess. It might even be that same one that handles birds, I'm not sure. (Can you believe there's one ONE avian vet in this entire freakin' city???!!!) Anyway, waiting on that...

Oh, and news bit #3 might be that Caleb and I found a new restaurant tonight we liked called Caffe Midtown, at the corner of 11th and Peachtree. Very nice Italian. Not as good as Baraonda, and more expensive, but then again, nobody matches Baraonda.

ADDENDUM: Had a nice chat with Gabby (co-ruler of Immanion Press) and he verified that yes, there is quite some lag on the sales on the statements that just went out and actual sales. Has to do with sellers actually sending back money and it all dribbling back to publisher. Because of this, most of the sales reported were the direct sales made from the IP web site. The next statement will reflect sales through Amazon and orders through stores and so on. So Yay.