January 8th, 2004

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you know, until this moment, for some reason i was in total denial joseph lieberman was running for president. seriously, i've seen him come up again and again in the campaign coverage, but i thought he was just being a wiseguy or obnoxious advisor based on the last campaign. somehow i must have skipped over the word "candidate." that man bothers me. i can't deal with the entire "i am so much better and more moral than you" vibe. i don't think the rest of america is ALL that keen on him either though.
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I'm trying to get technical/billing support from Earthlink, as needed by a client of mine. Little wonder I've been on hold so long. Yesterday the company announced it was laying of 39% of its workforce :(
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Every Day Is Like Sunday...

You know it's winter, cloudy and gray, when it's 11 AM and all the city streetlights are still shining brightly. Huh. It's not even THAT dark out. WTF?

In other news, birds are suddenly extra perky today, flying all over the place. I think it'll be funny hearing them trying to respond to the guinea pigs. Those animals can chirp and make all kinds of sounds I know the birds will hear and mistake for bird sounds. Luckily there are two doors between the office and the room they'll be in, so I can close them.
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The other day in chatting online with teriel, I told him the following story about a telephone call I had, and at the time he had me promise to post it. I only just remembered!

Saturday evening I got a call from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. I'm a member, and a subscriber to Preservation magazine, and in the past I've also donated extra money to various fund drives. So they were calling me up asking for some more. After having a nice chat about some bad legislation out at the moment, and finding out the guy actually went to school right across the street from me, we got down to business -- money.

I was trying to tell them how I couldn't really afford a large contribution at this time because I've just quit my job and am doing my business full-time. At this point, the following conversation ensued:

NTHP Man: Wow, that's great! I wish I could be doing something like that.

Wendy: Yeah, a lot of people say that. My co-workers at work were kind of jealous. They can't really risk it because they have families, kids, big houses and stuff. But I figure, since I CAN do it, I should go for it.

NTHP Man: Yeah, definitely, why not?

Wendy: That's what I said. It's got risk, but I think it'll be OK.

NTHP Man: Yeah, and maybe, who knows, you never know, this new change will one day lead you on to that same kind of groundedness your co-workers have, you can have a more grounded life, a house.

Wendy: Huh? I already told you I own my own home, here at the Healey. It's a condo, not a house, but that's OK with me.

NTHP Man: Oh! Yeah, I didn't mean that, I meant you might eventually find you have enough money to become more grounded, with a family...

Wendy: Er, I think I'm pretty "grounded" actually...

NTHP Man: Oh! Sorry! I... I didn't mean to say you weren't, I... well, sorry, I was trying to be encouraging.

Anyway, not that I was seriously offended by the remark, I just found it a teeny bit odd. (Hearkens me back to time when I was like 16 and my doctor told me I should get a boyfriend & have sex to cure my depression.) I just don't like people implying I need to get hooked up to be happy and complete.

I gave the National Trust $25.
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Well, once again, my connectedness is working out...

Got an email from the guinea pig adoption woman. Well, turns out I won't even have to have Daniel drive me down to McDonough, because turns out the woman and I have a "mutual friend" who lives across the street from me... and since she now knows exactly where I live, plus she wants to go to the restaurant in my building, she'll come over with the piggie herself!

On top of that, Caleb just gave me the phone number for this work acquaintance of his who owns a historic home in Inman Park she rents out -- and wants a web site for. He's told me this before but I was too busy to pursue new stuff. Now I think I'll call her!

More work, more work. Been keeping busy. Can't see to get to my own internal business stuff, like my budget and marketing stuff, but I can't say I've been idle either!

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Says the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace...

Report says Iraq didn't have WMD

From the article:
"It is very likely that intelligence officials were pressured by senior administration officials to conform their threat assessments to pre-existing policies."

I feel this is very much like Enron pressuring its accounting companies to make their reports and returns look the way they wanted them to look. I think it's clear Enron isn't much next to this though...
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Shogun-a-holic has completed her binge

Having *finally* gotten through Mom's birthday present -- Shogun on DVD, with extras -- I've got a few comments.

First off, I *still* love this! To me, it's not really a mini-series, but truly a movie, on par with Lord of the Rings. Yes, yes, you can groan all you want, but as a literary adaptation and as an elaborate long (9 hour!) movie filmed on location in Japan with an international cast & crew, I think it really does compare. It's really hard to believe it was made for television! I was especially awe-struck by the details in the "Making of Shogun" movie on the bonus material disc; these people did not skimp on *anything*! (For a great review of the series, including a declaration that with Shogun, American miniseries reached its creative peak, see this review on DVD Talk.)

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I guess somebody who's never seen Shogun is unlikely to go out and spend $50 or whatever on the DVD, but if you haven't seen it, maybe find someplace where you can borrow it? Watching 9 hours won't even seem that long, you *will* get sucked in!