January 9th, 2004

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Marriage in Massachusetts

My hometown paper, The Andover Townsman, has an article about local churches and their reactions and planned response to the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling on gay marriages. Among other things, Focus on the Family has come to town to stir up what it says isn't gay-bashing (oh, no, they've never done that!) while meanwhile a bunch of other churches support the ruling. I was pleased to see the church I grew up in is quoted with one of the most liberal comments:
"There's quite a few churches (in Andover) that would have a different stance than Free Christian," said Rev. David Meyers of the Ballardvale United Church, a United Methodist Church. "We are very supportive of gay rights and all that implies." Meyers said his congregation has no formal opinion on the subject of gay marriage, but many members are in favor of it. "I think there was a fair amount of rejoicing (at the Supreme Judicial Court decision)," said Meyers.

The church made a decision while I was in college to become what I believe is termed a "welcoming and affirming" congregation, meaning it welcomes gay folk as part of the community without sanction or trying to heal them or treating them any differently than the rest of people. The church has also provided a meeting place for gay groups as well as counseling.
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Free Lunch

Just got a paid lunch from a client. Wasn't expecting it; I just thought we were meeting to chat about plans for the year. We did chat, but I got a $10 for free.

And it was good! New cafe in my building (locating directly below my bedroom, 5 stories down) called Mittie's serving yummy sandwiches and wraps, coffee, tea, soups, cake.

Next time a client wants to meet with me, I'm suggesting there. Keeps it close to home w/o having them in my home.

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I hate when you try to have a conversation with somebody and they insist on dragging it down into the negative and flogging your with an attitude of superiority and extremist-views-just-for-the-sake-of-it. In other words, people who act like my father and... other people.
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Bring it on!

My favorite comic strip (yes, even more favorite than Boondocks) now has its own web site, instead of being on Onion AV Club!

Check out Pathetic Geek Stories!!!!!

Maybe this new site will inspire me to submit a story. It's going to take a careful elimination process to weed out the best one though, there are too many!

Another notch in my belt

It's time to congo, I think I just got a very good client... the kind where you do their web site, and that's good, but then you end up doing like 10 other ones on their referral. Whoo hoo! First project will be web site for a B&B, the honeymoon cottage of Robert W. Woodruff, over in Inman Park.

And because if I don't, he'll cry... THANK YOU, CALEB, for the referral :) And for speakly highly of me. I know she LOVES you, so maybe by proxy she will love me!
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So we can't provide all our citizens with health care, we can't protect our environment, we can't support mass transit and rail, we can't do all these things, as a nation, but we can spend billions sending men to Mars. What's scary is, I think that's true because the "doable" goal is difficult but "concrete" while the others require more of a true examination and our society and economic system. And we know which optino the politicians would choose.