January 10th, 2004

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He he

I really enjoyed those "Bush in 30 Seconds" ads, but I like this "alternative" one as well, called "Bush in 41.2 Seconds" and done in the style of Mad TV...

Bush in 41.2 Seconds

My favorite line: "Next November, save America from another four years of a dickhead president..."

Remember, it's satire!
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My New Life, Week 1

My first week as a "free woman" has been great! It's gone pretty much how I wanted it to and I'm satisfied with what I've managed to get done and how I've conducted things.

I've also had a lot of unexpected benefits from the change in lifestyle -- things I really didn't expect out of this change but which really convince me this was a good choice.

For example, I thought that not having to get up early, I'd be staying up very late every night (later than 1, which was my old bedtime), but in fact that's not the case. I find myself going to bed around midnight every night, quite naturally. I don't even read, I just say "Oh, I'm tired, time for bed." Quite uncharacteristic compared to my old way of doing things, which was to think "Oh, well, I can stay up a BIT longer and still get five hours of sleep, I'll just drink a lot of coffee in the morning..." I've worked out the reason I go to bed: Unlike before, I don't feel I *must* stay up in order to do "my stuff" because now everything I do is "my stuff." Now I can just stop what I'm doing and resume the next day. I don't have the big bad bear of my job (*not* "my stuff") to interrupt me.

The other thing is, not only am I going to bed earlier, I'm sleeping later, 'til 8:30 instead of 7, so for the first time I can *think* of, I'm sleeping 8+ hours a night. I don't even set an alarm, I just seem to wake up naturally at exactly 8:30. It's been good for my health; I feel much much more rested than I ever did, muscles and brain have more time to rest. Before I would often only sleep 5-6 hours or as luxury 7. If I was working on a project like BD or other writing, I'd go several times in a row with only 5-6 hours and by the fourth day I'd just be dying, falling asleep at my desk at work. I don't think that'll be happening again. I do like working at night, but not getting enough sleep isn't so great.

Another thing I've been enjoying is time to cook my own meals instead of going to restaurants so much. I really like to cook big pasta meals or Indian or North African or other international sort of vegetarian stuff but before, I was so rushed, between work/Metro Girl I wouldn't cook as much as I'd like and I'd eat restaurant. So that's nice and it saves me huge bunches of money, not eating out lunch and dinner or sometimes breakfast.

Another thing I get to do more is watch videos & DVDs finally. As already posted here, I got Shogun on DVD for Christmas from my mother, and I watched it all week. I then was going through my pile and found 3-4 DVDs I had bought but *still* haven't watched because I simply never had time to watch them. I'd normally always prefer the computer (writing, Metro Girl, or just plain noodling) to the TV, but now I feel a lot more free to go back to that. I think I'll borrow Triumph of the Will from the library this week -- been wanting to see that, but before, I knew I'd never make the time to and would've returned it unwatched.

Another benefit of being home is that I seem to keep the house *much* cleaner! When I was working all day and coming home and mainly working on the computer at night, I was often neglectful of the house, at least during the week. I'd always say "Oh, I'll clean it on the weekend." And then I'd spent half of / all day Sunday picking up my mess. Now I tidy things all the time. Being here all day, I want things to be neat, I care about it more.

So all in all, these benefits have been nice. I've also had enough work to do and got a new client with great potential, so hopefully it's the start of success.
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My lucky day

So this morning I got a call from a friend/client of mine saying he and his wife have two tickets to tonight's performance of Waiting for Godot at the theater across the street, but they couldn't use them due to a schedule problem. Did I want them? Since I'd wanted to go but hadn't wanted to spare the money, I never got my own tickets, so of course I said yes. I now have tix and will be going with Caleb. I read that play in high school, heard it on record as well, and I quite enjoyed it; hope he doesn't think it's boring or wonder WTF the point is (point being, there is no point).

Had some more luck this afternoon. I went to Chamblee to scout out three things I'm looking for antique-wise: a bookcase, a dining room set, and/or a china cabinet. I'm looking exlusively at 1920s/1930s wood pieces, usually Art Deco. Well, up at Antique City in Chamblee I found lots of stuff I liked, but when I saw this one particular Art Deco display case / china cabinet, I stopped dead in my tracks and said "Whoah, that is IT!" It's about 4-feet high, two doors, glass front and side, two glass shelves inside, front is all done with Art Deco tracery and the finish is a lovely dark golden veneer. It was more money than I'd wanted to spend but I also know it was a fair price. I had to go on a 20-minute think/walk to commit to spending the money but once I remember that I'm selling my (Art Deco) sideboard that's standing where the cabinet will go, I felt better. Hopefully Caleb's boss buys it (they've expressed interest) so I won't have "spent" much on the cabinet at all! I'll have the cabinet sometime this week after the dealer empties it (it was full of costume jewelry & curios) and I arrange for the delivery service to bring it over.