January 12th, 2004

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Gore Vidal Talks About Dubya

Actually he talks about the Founding Fathers and what they'd think of today's political system and its working, but he fits in Dubya as well. Found it in the Boston Phoenix.

Gore Vidal interview (originally in LA Weekly)

Q: But Gore, you have lived through a number of inglorious administrations in your lifetime, from Truman’s founding of the national-security state, to LBJ’s debacle in Vietnam, to Nixon and Watergate, and yet here you are to tell the tale. So when it comes to this Bush administration, are you really talking about despots per se? Or is this really just one more rather corrupt and foolish Republican administration?

A: No. We are talking about despotism. I have read not only the first Patriot Act but also the second one, which has not yet been totally made public nor approved by Congress and to which there is already great resistance. An American citizen can be fingered as a terrorist, and with what proof? No proof. All you need is the word of the attorney general or maybe the president himself. You can then be locked up without access to a lawyer, and then tried by military tribunal and even executed. Or, in a brand-new wrinkle, you can be exiled, stripped of your citizenship and packed off to another place not even organized as a country — like Tierra del Fuego or some rock in the Pacific. All of this is in the USA Patriot Act. The Founding Fathers would have found this to be despotism in spades. And they would have hanged anybody who tried to get this through the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Hanged.

P.S. I need to create some kind of Bushcracker icon.
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Unpopular defense

So Dean gets picked on for no minorities in his cabinet. I dont' understand. Anybody who's been to Vermont knows that it's practically impossible to find any minorities at all (state is 98 white, you could fit all the people of color on one MARTA 6-car train, I'm guessing), let alone people qualified for cabinet positions. I just don't see that the context works for the argument of people like Sharpton. If Dean had been governor of New York state or California or Massachusetts, it'd be a different matter. Maybe if Dean could prove a lot of his cabinet were of French Canadian descent it would count for something...


ADDENDUM: See Caleb's (native VT) post on the matter.
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(no subject)

You know, I just realized I haven't given a care about my old work at all. A couple of times recently I've mentioned some job practices there or something my former boss would do, but I've no thoughts or concerns about the web site I ran or any software development or even the people. I suppose I should fulfil my promise and email asking if all is well (Shelley's running the web team on her lonesome 'til Tonette is back) but overall I really don't care.

P.S. Just because I have it playing... I PROGRAMMED MY HOME COMPUTER, TO BEAM MYSELF INTO THE FUTURE. There is something so right about listening to Kraftwerk while doing tech work...
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Piglet #2

Ooooooh, guinea pig rescue lady just emailed me and she got a female piglet for me over the weekend -- rust & white Abyssinian. April rescued the creature from a shelter, where she'd been dumped in a box by her owner. She's still kind of a baby and shy but April says with TLC and proper companion (YinYang!) she should be fine. April is keeping her 2 weeks at the rescue for medical observation, so she and YinYang should hopefully move into my home late this month.

When April posts pictures, I'll put them here.
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Huh... surprisingly successful

So I come back from my client meeting, which went well -- excited about doing the design -- and I have this email which is a "cold call" RFP for a web design project!

I was so sort of nonplused, I did a virus scan on the attachment b/c I thought maybe it was a virus, the idea of getting an RFP randomly thrown at me seemed so curious. Anyway, RFP looks good. It's a non-profit looking for something not too outrageiously expensive, kind of minimalist, but I'm sure I can just do my normal price estimate and be lower than anybody else -- certainly any other "firms" that do what I do.

On top of this, got a package from Mat Man with files to resume work on his company's site. I hope getting all the projects online is something we can do in around a month, because not only will it get him out of my hair, but I'll be getting the balance of the fee, which is the biggest fee I've ever (so far) got. I'll be quite relieved to have it, too!
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OK, so the RFP is real, I emailed the guy and he wrote me back, all excited. He found me through Google -- lives in Littleton, Mass., of all places! I'm getting excited! I didn't even have to re-do my web site (really needs it!) and potentially I have a new customer!
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Unusually excited

Wow, I am now all super jazzed!

Today was really good. Exercised in the morning, worked for CAP, then went over there for 2 hours to do installation of some web analysis software. Then I went and closed my Bank of America account and put it in my new SunTrust account, which made me feel good because I can "see" that I am financially secure at the moment, and it's OK if I'm not depositing checks every day.

Of course the funny thing is, I'm actually suddenly doing well. The woman I met with wants me to do a site for her B&B, and then if she likes how that site is, do one for her consulting company. And then I came home and there was that RFP.

Then to make me super happy, Storm popped up to chat online. We hadn't done that in a while, she's so swamped lately, we've been on different schedules. So it was really nice to have a lonnnnnng chat -- must've been an hour, I cooked dinner during it! We talk about such silly stuff. Some serious mixed in, but lots of fun stuff as we basically chill out. We also talked about me visiting again this summer, which I hope to be able to do, maybe with Caleb. I've at least got good motivation to be extra successful!