January 13th, 2004

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You wouldn't peg me to do this

I'm wondering... Is it a common thing to only want to do things on even half-hour intervals? I mean, I've often noticed that when it comes to starting work on something or going out to the store, I don't just go ahead and start work, I actually wait until it's either an even hour (4 p.m.) or on the half hour (3:30 p.m.). Right now I'm waiting to go CVS. I could go now, but I'm inclinced to take care of stuff on my to do list until the hour arrives.
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Just got back from a neighborhood association meeting. For the first time in five years, I didn't have to DO anything at the meeting because I am no longer an officer! No taking minutes, no public speaking, no timekeeping, no mediating, no distributing flyers. And best of all, now that I'm home, I can do what *I* want to do instead of immediately working on the minutes all night long. I think I might work on that RFP. Or my Wraeththu short story. Hmmm, flip a coin...
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Picks & Pans

Well, as I periodically do, I checked the Amazon.com listing for Breeding Discontent. Surprisingly, there were TWO new reviews. One of them is a two-sentence slam against me personally ("Wendy Darling has no future as a writer..." yeah right) while the other is very enthusiastic and I would guess come from a friend of madame_mercredi's husband Paul (thank you, friend of Paul!) Anyway, the latter one made me happy, the "IT SUCKS" one just annoyed me. I don't take it seriously since it's so brief, but it annoys me because it lowered the book's star rating to 4 :( Anyway, so geht es.
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*I'm so proud of myself!*

While it's something I would have hated to do at my OLD JOB, I have just created a 6-page proposal in response to the RFP from that non-profit that contacted me yesterday. It looks very good and I'm quite confident they will select me to do the work. I just sent it over to Caleb to look over, as he responds to RFPs all the time and will be able to see if I've missed something. Meantime, I just feel pretty excited I was able to do this proposal as well as the estimate for the B&B both in one day -- they took about 3 hours each. I think in celebration of all this productivity, I'll go take a half-day break tomorrow by going out grocery shopping or maybe go look for a bookcase :)