January 14th, 2004

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Not a trophy wife

This semi-hot news item this week seems to be Howard Dean's wife. I first picked up on this story when CNN posted this article, "Dean says wife won't be a 'prop'" under Inside Politics. Frankly, I was very impressed with the man's backbone as well as with his wife Judy's!

I've seen this same story appearing a couple of other places and today it was in the Atlanta paper: Where's Dean's wife? Not on the campaign trail. (One of my favorite bits was: "With work, volunteer commitments at Burlington High School, where 17-year-old Paul is a senior (Anne, 19, is a sophomore at Yale), and a bimonthly book group (mysteries are her favorites), Steinberg said she is simply too busy to get involved in the campaign. Lacking cable, she tries to get over to headquarters for televised debates, though she skipped at least one to do laundry.")

In today's same paper, there was a question posed in the "Q&A" feature from somebody asking something like "Where is Dean's wife? Are they separated? I heard that rumor..."

LOL. I swear, it's like certain people are expecting some kind of Jane Eyre-ish situation out of the fact that Dean is choosing to remove his family from the public eye and the rigors of the campaign trail. I know I certainly wouldn't wanted to married to somebody running for any high office, so her tack of stay the hell out of it seems a good one. The "political analysts" say no, but like the element of being unconventional.

State Meme

Ganked from marchenland, who's apprently better traveled than I am (thought I have been to Europe 6 times and lots of time to Canada).

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As you can see, I'm pretty much of east of the Missisippi kinda gal. Also, haven't been to practically anywhere in the South except Georgia and some few select places I went on very short trips. I might get to visit Tennessee this Saturday though! Caleb, Daniel and I are also planning to go to the Spoleto festival in Charleston this May. The "farthest out" state I've visited is Minnesota, when I went wilderness canoe camping with my parents up in the Boundary Waters. As for where I'd *like* to visit, actually west of the Mississippi, the only place that really has any appeal is San Francisco, northern California. And Olympia National Park. And maybe Portland or Seattle.
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I was going through Howard Dean's web site and under the section on Civil Rights & Liberties there's some really good stuff, some it rather *pointed*, such as: "I will appoint an Attorney General who sees our constitution not as a document to be manipulated, ignored, and violated, but who recognizes and respects it as the fabric that binds the American community together." Yeah, but you'd think an Attorney General would do that as a matter of course, right? Alas.
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Bizarre Spam

All week long I've been getting spam-after-spam that is really bizarre, apparently done with a random text generator.

A rather hilarious example from just now:

Subject: ephemeral mission avagadro case
Message: contrivance commutate reward mensuration
imposition dwelt engle regressive clipboard furze peccary
mink recursion impish mannerism orthoclase bemoan octopus

I can't block it with SpamKiller except manually because it's different every time.

What gets me is, what is the point of these spam? There aren't any links or email addresses or attachments that I can detect -- it's just junk.


And another one I got while typing this:

Subject: lavish ambulant clutter flu
Text:company hewett blat paula birth bimetallism apices
gegenschein brassy escherichia fluent detent freeze coypu dolphin jacobus empathy
impend cerebrate cholesterol pigpen asperity collegiate lease boisterous domino
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To further catalog my body's intolerance with regard to alcohol, I have just had 1/2 wineglass of light, sweet Schwartze Katze white wine from Germany and I am SO DRUNK! At least it makes it easy for me to just sit here and work... or write... or whatever. Damn, I'm woozy....
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A Speech

Much to my father's horror (um, well, if he knew), for as long as I was politically aware enough to realize it, I have pretty much agreed with Sen. Edward Kennedy. I remember the first time I looked him up on ProjectVote smart and checked him against what I think and was like... "Whoah."

Anyway, today he delivered a speech relating to the Bush administration, the war in Iraq, etc., that I think is pretty thought-provoking. The Republicans are yelling for the Democrats to make Ted take it back, but I don't see what's to take back.


There are some introductions but then about when he says "The citizens of our democracy have a fundamental right to debate and even doubt the wisdom of a president's policies..." it gets to the point.

Oh, and on extra Ted point: He was one of the 18 senators who voted against that measure the Senate passed supporting Bush's decision to go to war.
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