January 15th, 2004

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Well, today was Day 9 of working for myself (not counting weekend... still stuck in that mentality) and it went very well.

Exercised first thing in the morning (*groan*), then after my shower, got a call from the B&B lady saying she wanted to hire me. The only disappointment is that she can't have me start right away, as she doesn't have the money for the 50% deposit. Oh, well, least I got the job!

After that I got going on email and since Caleb sent me his comments, I finished off the proposal for the non-profit. I made a PDF of it and sent it to the guy who'd contacted me; within about a half hour, he emailed back saying it was great and he'd be presenting it to the board in two weeks as the top choice. Yay!

The rest of the day was good too. Got some stuff done, like arranged for cabinet delivery, had good lunch at Blue Cloud, cleaned bird cage, made good dinner, Caleb visited in the evening and watched Enterprise, which I taped since he was out. Pretty good episode, even if rife with Star Trek cliches. Spent the last part of the night working on redoing the Metro Girl web site. It went way quicker than I expected, so I might try and finish up tomorrow.
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The home page of the Boston Globe shows a bundled up postal worker with this caption: "US Postal Service worker Karen Flaherty wore wool socks, sneakers, thermal overshoes, three pairs of pants, four shirts, double gloves, double hats, and an overcoat as she delivered mail on Marlborough Street yesterday. The arctic blast is expected to get worse."

Um, DAMN, that's a lot of clothes! If I were her, I'd get heat rash after 20 minutes of that and have t go home sick. It's temps like that which always make me pack too many warm clothes when I visit up there. I remember spending a lovely day in the South End one day in freezing January but I also remember by the time I got home I had head rash from ankle to crotch. Unless I *stay* outside and never come into anyplace warm, I get heat rash.

Today it's supposed to be like 45 below where my parents live. I can't imagine what is going on with them, since Dad was cold when it was 55 out. Probably he's sitting in a chair swaddled up in front of the coal stove. Yikes!
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There is nothing as exciting as reviewing 11 MB digital pictures of industrial matting.

Um, well, I tell myself that anyway, as that's what I've been doing what seems the past fortnight, he he...

It is SO hard to work on something so boring!

Then again, better this than Air Force missile systems...
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The Marrying Man

Re Bush's latest proposal to pour a billion dollars into promoting and support marriage, I've been pondering it, and I really am of two minds.

On the one hand, I do think promoting healthy marriage & family is important and it does promote stability for children. I also know that the idea of having such programs isn't something that comes from Bush but has been bounced around for a long time, with Democratic as well as Republican Support.

On the OTHER hand, I think it's rather OBVIOUS that the decision to all of a sudden boost funding on this is part of Bush's re-election strategy.

Think about it: If he ends up running against Dean, he can say (and he WILL), something like "Under my administration, I've proposed promoting the healthy marriages that make America great... while Dean, as governor of Vermont, signed legislation which cheapens marriage by making a marriage-equivalent for homosexuals. Dean aims to undermine the moral fiber of this nation, which I am willing to pour a billion dollars into it to strengthen it."

Oh, and the fact that the marriage support is explicitly set up for heterosexual couples -- yeah, there's that too. And the fact that a lot of these programs would probably be done as faith-baised initiatives.

P.S. And totally unrelated, I think I'm allergic to this hay I bought for my guinea pigs. Damn! I have to go test this... Damn!
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Well, one thing I have learned... I think it's possible I am going to have to *not* get that hay for my guinea pigs... or not very often!

After carrying it home, I felt itchy, was scratching my hands and arms... just like when I sit on grass. Anyway, I went over and did a test by touching it, rubbing it on my arms and sniffing at it a lot. I definitely seem to be really itchy, my lungs are irritated even.

This could be psychological, but I don't think so. I know Dr. Hirsch said I'm allergic to "grass pollen" and I looked it up and guess what's listed as a common grass allergy? Timothy hay! See: http://www.airborne-allergens.com/html/pollen-and-outdoor-mold.php3.

I think it's possible the hay has leftover stupid pollen left in it. Ugh.

Oh, well. I just bought a whole BAG of it. Maybe I will just have to limit the amount they eat at once and maybe not breath while I'm giving it to them :)

Between having dust-producing birds and pollen-producing guinea pigs, I am going to be screwed. All the more reason to a) get my windows opened this spring and b) get put on an allergy shot regimen. And get replacement air filters for my air cleaning unit and then maybe a couple more units... Jeez. I should live in bubble, I swear...
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Well, turns out I will *not* be getting YinYang the guinea pig, at least not in two weeks, because she's knocked up. She came in with two sisters and three brother and the rescue woman. April, had put YinYang under observation to make sure she wasn't pregnant by one of the brothers, since they'd all been living together. Good thing she checked, because today she took her and the other five female pigs at the rescue to the vet, and *5* of them are pregnant! So YinYang isn't going anywhere until the babies are born and then weaned.

The good news is, April still has another Abyssinian piglet she rescued last week from a shelter. And since that one was living alone, she can't be pregnant. She will be ready in two weeks. As far as getting a second one, April says by March there will be probably dozens of weaned babies to pick from, including YinYang's babies. I wonder what will happen with YinYang herself. Anyway, considering the whole litter YinYang was is was Abyssinian with strange coloring, I think they will look cool.

I totally feel like an adoptive or expectant parent, it's kind of funny. Got all the stuff I need for the "room," been reading about how to take care of them, keep thinking about what to name her / them (top pick so far is Piggly and Wiggly). I even dreamed about them!
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